When Picture Framing Matters

by Print Decor

 Old world charm with modern technology

We were asked to come up with something special to frame the above family heirloom. With close consultation with our customer this beautiful piece was framed in an Italian ornate frame and a dark mat boarder (not quiet black-but close) with a gold leafed inset. Full conservation framing techniques were employed to ensure it could be passed down through the generations without environmental destruction. The most damaging factor to art is UV sunlight. To ensure this image wouldn't be severely faded in the next 5 to 10 years we used the most up-to-date ART GLASS glazing which blocks 90% of UV light and has a non reflective quality that makes the image appear to have no glass at all. And so we see the best of the old world preserved with an old world artisan frame in combination with modern conservation framing techniques.

A simple frame with latent style

...and some hidden features

A simple frame with latent style

A simple black frame with full conservation standards

We helped one of our customers with this simple black frame and white mat (cardboard boarder). The "hidden features" include a raised up mat-if you look on the left hand side you'll see a shadow which is caused by the elevated mat. This gives a subtle 3D effect without introducing extra colour. The other factors you won't see but in 20 years time they would become obvious if not included. Instead of "normal" glass or "non reflective glass" which helps eliminate glare but creates a fuzzing effect of the image we chose a new product-UV Blocking Art Glass. This provides a glare free view of the image and blocks harmful UV light from fading and eventually destroying the image. Other framing features include acid free backing and mat which stop that horrible browning that would appear some years down the track.

Free health check for your precious works of art

Art resoration

Do you have an artwork or precious keepsake that you want to see stand the test of time? Over the years framing and conservation technology has advanced. Something that was framed 5 to 10 years ago may well be destructive to your precious work due to acid content in the framing materials and lack of UV blocking glass. Some works need a clean and reframe with modern high preservation materials.

If you bring in any works that concern you, we'll do a free health check on the spot, or if there's any concern we'll have our art conservator come and give an obligation free quote.

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Before sunlight damage

After sunlight exposure

UV Blocking Glass

"I have had the pleasure and working with Print Decor for a number of years, and have been so thrilled with their work I make the journey from Warrandyte to see them. A few years ago they made a frame to match one I already had. Recently Elana spent so much time with me working through various options to frame three very different pictures. She patiently showed me many different options including some that I wouldn't have considered myself, and seemed genuinely thrilled when we found the right combination that really suited each picture and the surroundings of their final hanging place. I really valued her expertise and love my pictures even more now! Elana and the team at Print Decor come highly recommended."

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Opulent style

Above: We recently worked with designer Daniellet Scandrett Interiors and framed the image in a beautiful hand gilded Italian frame.