Kate Birrell

Introducing Kate Birrell



I am a painter living and working in Melbourne.

My work revolves around the theatre of every day living and is predominantly figurative. 



The vibrancy and texture of oil paint is well suited to my sense of drama and play, action, movement and colour of daily life. It enables me to explore the realm in which I live, as well as the wider aspects of living in the city of Melbourne. I hope that it allows time for reflection and that it adds another dimension to that which is, or seems to be, pedestrian.




The original is sketched and painted with water colour and gouache.


There's a narrative about inner suburban Melbourne waiting for the viewer to discover.


Good art doesn't tell you the whole story all at once, you need to contribute to the artist's dialogue.


Kate produces such images. We feel priveldged to have her work an show in our gallery.


As an intoduction we have reduced her framed paintings from $350- to $295-


The image size is 21 x 15 cm and framed in a simple timber frame with a white mat board measures 36 x 30 cm. All of her works are $295


Saturday Morning Prahran Market 








Print Decor | Kate Birrell | Produce



Young Family 

Print Decor | Kate Birrell | Young Family



 Melbourne Morning

Print Decor | Kate Birrell | Melbourne Morning



St Kilda Beach

Print Decor | Kate Birrell | St Kilda Beach


Midday on Wednesday St Kilda Beach

Print Decor | Kate Birrell | Midday on Wednesday St Kilda Beach





Print Decor | Kate Birrell | Swans@Elwood


Another Sunny Day

Print Decor | Kate Birrell | Another Sunny Day