Sabi Klein - Melbourne Contemporary Artist

Sabi Klein is a Melbourne based artist, who specialises in contemporary abstract art. She creates modern abstract paintings that reflect the joy she sees around her. 


After many years working in the advertising, marketing and radio industries, Sabi's true passion was to explore her creative side.




Sabi is inspired by many things including the wonders of nature, especially the ocean and landscapes. She loves to experiment with vivid, bold colours but depending on the mood she can also be taken to metallic copper, gold and neutral palettes.

"I feel so lucky to be able to do something I absolutely love every day. Painting brings me happiness, serenity and excitement all at the same time. Most ideas begin with a colour palette and then take shape from there, I allow the colours to lead the way, and I love to use various mediums to create textures and shape within my paintings".

Sabi can be commissioned to create something original and unique just for your home. Please contact Print Decor for more information.

Sabi has recently been working with contestants Chris and Jenna from The Block Glasshouse and will be providing them with a number of paintings for their apartment. 



A recently published article on Sabi and her involvement with THE BLOCK GLASSHOUSE




                                               Being Transparent In Situ



Being Transparent Abstract acrylic painted on stretched canvas size 122 x 122 cm. $2200








Copper Storm, Framed Limited Edition Print, 94.5cm x 94.5cm framed in oak under glass. $895







Spring, Framed Limited Edition Print, 94.5cm x 94.5cm framed in oak under glass. $895






Dreaming of You In situ



Dreaming of You Detail



Dreaming of You, Abstract acrylic painted on stretched canvas size 155 x 104 cm. $2400






Copper Storm II In Situ


Copper Storm II, Framed Limited Edition Print, 94.5cm x 94.5cm framed in oak under glass. $895







 Copper Storm III, Framed Limited Edition Print, 63 x 63 cm framed in oak under glass. $800








Vessels 1, In Situ


Vessels 1, 104 x 104 cm, $1400









Vessels 2 In Situ




Vessels 2, 104 x 104 cm, $1400






Watermelon Crush, 



An original painting, pinks, magentas, teals covered in drips and framed in an Australian Oak box frame.

104cm x 104cm
Acrylic on linen
Framed in Australian Oak








Winter Banquet


A modern original painting, with running paint streams over a winter wonder land.

122cm x 122cm
Acrylic on linen