Gill Del-Mace

Gill Del-Mace was born in the United Kingdom. The magic of the stage show was always part of her childhood, traveling with her father in stunts shows, theaters, and movie sets throughout Great Britain and Europe. These formative years provided the lifelong inspiration for a unique exploration of the theatrical and dramatic including the notion of fantasy art and exotic women.

These painted memories, these characters and visions, are executed on canvas with loving detail and a potent ability. Characters, surreal, bizarre and magnetic in their presence, invite you into another world. From the conventional to the theatrical and the sensually erotic Gill's beautifully and controlled art demonstrates she is fully in command of the painted subject.

An influence on Gill's work has been the twentieth century European art movement referred to as "Magic Realism". Together with her potent ability as an artist she has created these works as a testament to her vision and talent. A continuation of a career that began in San Francisco in 1975 and has seen Gill exhibit and be astutely collected nationally and internationally.

Gill continues to create her sublime and evocative imagery.

To quote the artist,

“Fascinated by the innate beauty I see in the slightly bizarre…

 ‘I feel fortunate doing what I love for a living.

 ‘In the early Eighties on a visit to Europe, I came across a Twentieth Century art movement, mostly starting in Germany, but spreading to other European countries, and eventually to the United States. I found this art fascinating, and the very name “Magic Realism” conjured up visions from my past. A past influenced by weird and wonderful people, tattooed ladies, contortionists, clowns and movie people and all seen as a child, traveling to different countries, as my father had given up his career as an art teacher to become a stunt man and a stand-in for movie actors. The family traveled extensively with him. All of this led to a colourful visual array of experiences to draw from, and put into present day paintings.

 ‘The Magic Realist artists, and later the surrealists, people like Delvaux, Otto Dix, Christian Schad, Frank Lenk and later Giorgio de Chirico were a large influence in my thinking.

 ‘Drawing is very important. I have spent many hours over the years learning this most important basic. The thought process, the physical working, mixing the colours together and transferring them to a pristine white canvas, is both sensual and exciting. I can understand Vincent Van Gogh eating his paints, some of the colours look edible, and I also think the turpentine can get to you."

- Gill Del-Mace

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