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Pre Made Picture Framing Melbourne

Pre made Framing for Certs, Footy Jumpers/Jerseys.

The best selection of photo frames Melbourne has to offer.




Aside from having the largest frame sample selection in Victoria, Print Décor stocks a large selection of pre made frames and photo frames.

We like to save our picture framing "off cuts"  from larger framing jobs and make them into DIY easy to fit frames. Some of the off cuts are from really expensive quality Italian frames, but because it was made from the left over frame moulding we can price it at a fraction of the full price.


Photo Frames Melbourne

Above: There are “corner frames” as they are known in the industry. These are made in pre made sizes and often have ornate or decorative corner pieces (hence the name). They are often used for mirrors but are also great to frame a wedding photo, or an oil painting. They are all made from our highest quality picture frames.

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Above: One can also create an “out of left field” look by framing a more contemporary piece in an ornate frame. This can also be enhanced by using a “Goth” black frame, but also popular in silver, gold and white. We sometimes spray other colours and have a lot of fun mixing up the styles.

You can see a lot of other examples in our custom framing examples section of our web site.

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The other option we offer is a comprehensive selection of frames that we have already made up ready to take a certificate, or a photo, or whatever. We make these frames into the most popular pre made sizes, (eg. A4, A3, 8 x 10” etc.) provide glass and backing board, and an easy do it yourself fit up system. Often made from the remainder of a larger framing order, sometimes from very expensive Italian frames and we sell them off at a fraction of the price original price. It’s a bit of pot luck as to what’s available at any given time, but there are always new treasures coming in.

Selecting premade picture frames Print Decor Melbourne



If you are local or visiting please come and check out our framing shop, there are many items available for sale and a huge selection of frame samples on our 20 metres of frame samples.





If you are planning a visit to sight a particular item on our web site, you might want to call or email to verify it is in stock. We can often order a particular item in for you to view if not currently stocked.

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 We have just expanded our pre made quality frames to include inexpensive modern photo frames which we think are the best selection in Melbourne.


Photo Frames Melbourne




p1012558-empty-frame.jpg   make-this-into-a-mirror-and-use-as-main-image-portrait-in-place-of-current-image-ch-1013-metallic-silver-dresser-empty-frame.jpg



Above: Examples of some of our standard basic frames.


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 Read through our many pages about the art of picture framing design, as well as information for commercial projects, a look in our factory, and we even have a section on Boy Scouts' guide to picture hanging written in 1919!!

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