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We LOVE to design picture framing that is unique and gives us the opportunity to offer you something away from the display-home / Ikea look

Here begins a journal of interestingly framed works we have designed and framed-

  Beauty in the Bathroom, July 2017

Picture Framing in the Bathroom

We framed this beautiful Limited Edition print with a traditional ornate frame. It shows how you can give contemporary bathroom some added character with beautiful art and a touch of sophisticated style of yesterday.


 Old world charm with modern technology

August 2019


The above family heirloom was framed in a beautiful Italian ornate frame and a dark mat boarder (not quiet black-but close) with a gold leafed inset. Full conservation framing techniques were employed to ensure it could be passed down through the generations without environmental destruction. The most damaging factor to art is UV sunlight. To ensure this image wouldn't be severely faded in the next 5 to 10 years we used the most up-to-date ART GLASS glazing which blocks 90% of UV light and has a non reflective quality that makes the image appear to have no glass at all. And so we see the best of the old world preserved with an old world artisan frame in combination with modern conservation framing techniques.


Shelby Fein, January 2024

Custom Picture Framing of beutful doggie Shelby Fein


A very special member of the Fein household. Shelby is a beautiful Lagotto Romagnolo dog and brought her family in to collect her celebrity framing. A simple black frame was all that Shelby wanted to showcase her images on the covers of Dogmopolitan and Dogue.


Proud Dog on Dogue Cover



 Lots of laughter, enjoyment, and entertainment...



 "I’ve used Print Decor for my framing needs for over the past 20 years.  I really value their warm and helpful professional guidance...
Walking into Print Decor is like a ‘magnet’, simply can’t wait to find one of their qualified consultants and start proceedings, just love all their enthusiasm, passion and desire to the satisfy the customer. Lots of laughter, enjoyment, and entertainment and then begins the ‘waiting game’ for the final outcome … and it never fails to exceed expectation."
 May 2019 S.H.


Right on target

Nerida brought her dad's collection of fabric badges awarded to him for excellence in riflemanship. As these were fabric emblems we chose a suede background to sew these hard won awards onto and present proudly in a hand gilded gold leaf frame.





Ballerina framed in soft ornate white frame 

Beautiful picture framing Melbourne

When we are asked to frame an artwork or beautiful photo the first consideration is "how would you like to see this piece".  Sometimes it can take a while to find the frame and design that lifts the item being framed to new heights, especially one so beautiful as the ballerina. We know when it's right by observing the joy from the customer standing in front of us.


 A simple frame with latent style...with some hidden features.



We helped one of our customers with this simple black frame and white mat (cardboard boarder). The "hidden features" include a raised up mat-if you look on the left hand side you'll see a shadow which is caused by the elevated mat. This gives a subtle 3D effect without introducing extra colour. The other factors you won't see but in 20 years time they would become obvious if not included. Instead of "normal" glass or "non reflective glass" which helps eliminate glare but creates a fuzzing effect of the image we chose a new product-UV Blocking Art Glass. This provides a glare free view of the image and blocks harmful UV light from fading and eventually destroying the image. Other framing features include acid free backing and mat which stop that horrible browning that would appear some years down the track.


Framer's Log September 2018

We are always delighted to receive positive feedback especially when published as a Google Review as was this customer's happy posting of our framing of artist Sue Quinn's Amy Winehouse portrait in blue.

"Very helpful staff! Was after a specific print and Elana went out of her way to track it down for me. Very thankful and happy, would highly recommend print decor. thanks again to the wonderful staff!" CE (5 star Google Review)



See the 2 versions of Amy Winehouse by Sue Quinn here >>>


A vivid artwork in a dark frame with an undertone of gold leaf

Beautifully offset with complimentary decor - One of our first framing jobs to emerge after the "great Melbourne covid lockdown" ca. Nov 2021

Custom Picture Framing March 2022


Three Framed Images above a Bedhead

Melbourne artist Jan Neil's limited edition prints were framed in a simple champagne frame and white mat board. The relatively simple framing allows the artwork to breathe.

Framed Jan Neil Images



Framing Log Dec 2021

Some inspiring picture framing we discovered at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa Florida.

Photo Wall Collage

Above: One can create a photo collage wall using the same frame to create a uniform look, but another approach is the eclectic look. From basic simple black frames with a white mat boarder, to more ornate frames of gold and black with and without mat boarders.

Below: More variations to the eclectic theme.

Eclectic Frame selection

Framing Collage Wall


White Frame Black Mat, with Elvis in Wood Frame and Blue Mat on the side




 2022 We framed this work below with a complimentary bright mat boarder and coloured frame.

 Sample of custon Framing using bright colours


Luxury in the Bathroom, September 2019



Above: If anyone can Gild the Lilly it's Designer Daniel Scandrett. We helped with the beautiful gilt double frame for a luxury bathroom. 

The detail picture below showcases the hand gold leafed designer Italian frame. UV Art Glass was employed to protect the image and reduce glare without the usual distortion of regular non reflective glass.



The below image again from the Italian Designer Bellini selection compliments the opulent room design.



Keeping it Simple

How cute is this one! A simple white frame and mat is all that's needed to show off this quirky image. March 2022.




A proud Dad frames his daughter's work

Custom Framing of a child's work of art

Here we have a beautiful artwork proudly framed by the young artist's Dad and now proudly positioned in the front entrance of the family home.


Another simply framed photo of Princes Pier by Karen Tonna.





Frame Noir

A friend brought in a piece painted by her mother and we wanted to frame it in such a way to bring out the noir feel and take it over the top in baroque extravagance.


Black, Gothic ornate frame




 The frame chosen is from the Bellini range - exclusive hand made Italian frames. When you just have to add European tradition with contemporary Gothic feel.


Picture Frame sample from Print Decor




17 April 2017


Abstract artwork on canvas. 

Sample of picture framing, Print Decor Malvern

 Many of our local customers in the Malvern area have moved away from the undressed look of hanging a canvas with no frame. In order to preserve the natural look of the canvas there are now a large selection of "floating frames". These frames stand clear of the canvas edge but dress up the canvas the rough edge is covered by the frame while still showing picture is indeed a canvas on a stretcher frame. 

  Picture Framer Melbourne-art canvas stretch




 21 October 2016


Florence the Horse framed in time for the Melbourne Cup!

Does style get any better than this? Aside from the extravagant hair styling Florence has opted for an Italian Designer hand finished Bellini frame.



Ornate Gold leaf Frame, Melbourne


 Below: Restored Scottish oil painting framed in a beautiful ornate Czechoslovakian designed frame.




8 July 2016

A beautiful Peruvian Rug framed in a simple black frame. It was placed on an acid free cardboard mat board and the edge of the rug not covered by the mat. In this way the natural shape of the rug can be seen so it still looks like a rug rather than a print. The customer chose to have it framed with protective glass (optional) so as to protect it from dust etc. 






We framed this beautiful ballerina image: 

Adding to the drama by using a black mat surround which was raised up to 
cast a shadow. The slightly rustic red frame has augmented the overall mood 
of this beautiful piece.




We recently reframed this beautiful canal scene. We chose a rustic silver leafed frame, hand finished by a boutique frame maker in Italy. It is understated but so very classy and has done wonders enhance the innate beauty of the art work. 



 The painting was originally framed (below) in a white washed wooden frame. This was popular in the 1980's and I'm not going to knock it, as it was well framed and contemporary in its time. In fact we may well have framed it....we have been in business since 1985 and styles do change.









Added  September 2015

High Gloss Modern, Contemporary Frames

Gloss on gloss framing for a very cute painting. We helped our customer choose 2 high gloss frames to help pop the art work.

Detail High Gloss Modern, Contemporary Frames




Added- 20 Feb. 2015


The customer wanted an impressive frame for this painting of a special place in Venice. We helped them select a beautiful (appropriately) Italian designed frame. Expensive...not as expensive as one may think! Bellissimo!




Here's a close up of the frame





And another classic piece by the world famous urn artist Jacques Lamy



We selected an soft ornate frame to compliment this art work.



What a wonderful way to preserve childhood memories.

Enid Blyton's books may have been banned, but you can't take away our memories!print-decor-custom-framing-objects-1.jpg




"the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects." (


A beautiful photograph by Nick Psomiadis of Central Park New York.

With the perfect frame for this image we have an aesthetic collaboration greater than the individual components.






Below are examples of 3 dimensional "box" frames showing Venetian Masks.

Not unlike the masks from the late Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut these Venetian masks have an air of mystery and intrigue!




Below: The masks are secured to a Venetian gold backing board and the 2 black mat boards (2 different shades of black) are elevated up to the height of the masks. Glass over the front ensures the masks remain dust free. 





 A pencil a shoe and a glass of wine, hmmm I'd like to frame that!




Red is an ever popular colour but can be deadly.

You can tell when "red is off" you don't really need to know about colour base or tints or hues. Just look at it and if it looks right it IS right. Of course the more you work with 'keying' colour the easier it gets. We think this little bird is happy in the framing we designed for her. One of the tricks of our trade is to break the colour with a neutral colour between the two key colours. In this case we used an antique gold mat between the red mat border and the red in the image. The gold also compliments the frame and brings an overall harmony to the complete work. 






The below religious icon of Ganesh was brought in to Print Decor to be framed. I had to take a phone call and I offered for the customer to pick some colours he would like to use...




"OMG" I thought when he picked to 2 brightest colours in the sampler.

When we laid it out and placed a silver "fillet" between the 2 colours it worked beautifully. The petite but ornate frame did this loved Hindu God justice.



Don't fear "going over the top."  The Van Gogh below could hang quite comfortably even in a contemporary setting. Framing a masterpiece like a masterpiece completes the vision. 


 The above frame is from our Bellini range.

Click / tap here to see a U tube clip about frame making at its best >>>





We framed the below wedding certificate for a couple. They wanted a simple but elegant frame with specialized textured mat board surround. And what a beautiful work of art the certificate is.







Below is a small cross section of previous new additions, we will add to this as our photographic skills improve!!




If you already have something we framed for you and it looks pretty "schmick" please email us a photo and we may add it to our web site, and we’ll send you a discount voucher.


If you are a local Melbournian or visiting please come and check out our shop at 60 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern 3144 there are many items available for sale and a huge selection of over 1566 frame samples on our 20 metres of frame samples.








Simple, modern with a contemporary stylish look












Above. A canvas stretched with a "floating frame" around the outside of the canvas. 






In this close up you can see how the edge of the frame does not overlap the painting.

Many of our Melbourne customers are dressing up their wall art canvas by having this frame attached.






This is a natural timber version of the floating frame. You can see how the canvas sits in the frame without the need of overlap.






Below is "the deep drop frame". This one stands out from the art work about 6 cm and is sloped on an angle back toward the art work. It looks interesting and stylish without taking away from the picture framed.




The deep drop frame comes in 4 colours (below) as well as a smaller version in black.










We are compiling a list of 99 framing and design tips, if you would like to receive updates please subscribe to our e-mail list click here >>>








Conservation Framing of a original Batman sketch.

The original Batman sketch was drawn on low quality paper. To help preserve this work we placed a sheet of special hidden archival board beneath the aged paper sketch. Due to the acid free nature of the archival board and other in built properties the damaging materials in the old paper are gradually reduced and absorbed by the board thus dramatically extending the life of the sketch. 








print-decor-custom-picture-frame-sample17.jpg print-decor-custom-picture-frame-sample16.jpgprint-decor-custom-picture-frame-sample19.jpg








Print Decor purple-frame.jpg




Print Décor has one of the largest selections of frames and mat boards (cardboard surrounds) available in Melbourne we also have the largest machine in the world (we're told) to precisely cut the mat boards. See a picture >>>












In the Van Gogh print above we have boldly gone where we should have gone and done this beautiful reproduction justice. First we had an artist apply a hand finished brush stroke to the print thus transforming it from a mere print to a piece that replicates the original. The framing does the painting justice.







The inner hand finished Italian gilt frame has been used instead of a cardboard mat thus preserving the style of the era. The outer frame is one of our beautiful Italian Bellini frames. A work of art itself. Note the red brown base (bole) beneath the burnished gold leaf. It compliments the red brown hues in the painting.








Above and below:


We have used small ornate frames to enhance these old world images.















Below: A portrait of a child in a superb hand finished "water gilded" frame.

"Water gilding" (gold leaf applied by hand and activated onto the frame's adhesive surface with water) is a highly skilled and very labor intensive "old school" method, seldom used in our mass produced age. Each step of the process is applied by a true artisan in his craft. The quality of finish is unrivalled. See the close up detail below. 



Below: A closer look at the water gilded frame and to the right a shot of the back edge showing the exquisite finish of hand produced water gilding. Midas would have turned green with envy.

Detail of a hand water gilded frame     Close-up detail of a hand water gilded frame


 Below: A portrait framed in one of the traditional gilded ornate frames. Only the old master artisans of Italy still know how to produce such beauty and style in a picture frame. We proudly offer the Bellini Fine Italian picture frame moulding range.

 Portrait in Ornate Gold Italian Bellini Frame

Detail of portrait in Ornate Gold Italian Bellini Frame



Below: A very cute pet portrait framed in an ornate French provincial frame

 Ornate French provincial picture frame

Detail of Ornate French provincial picture frame


Detail of one of our many French provincial white frames


See inside the designer's mind. Lynne updates her framing design tips along with photos of designed framing.



More Information on our Custom Framing ServicesHaving designed picture framing in Melbourne since 1985 we have learned the three most important rules in design are: Before telling you what you need, it is best if we first listen and discover what you need and want.

Having established that, we can help you decide on style of frame, borders (mats) and materials that make contact with the piece being framed (to ensure preservation.)  And even the type of glass used. 
Most importantly we come up with a design and finished product that WORKS FOR YOU and THE PIECE BEING FRAMED.
The other important factor is that the picture framer actually produce what you and the designer envisioned? So to be sure, once framed we do a quality check and verify that what we promised is what we deliver, and perhaps even better than your expectations.








Here is an example of an original Rembrandt print framed in recycled aged timber. 






Custom Framing/Rustic Frame
This picture was framed using old recycled floor boards. This has provided a suitable rustic look. The backing and surrounding boarder (mat/mount) is a of museum conservation standards thus preserving the image for many years.





The Girl with a Pearl Earring





 Known as the Dutch Mona Lisa. One of the great art treasures deserves to be framed in a manner that does this masterpiece justice. We feel the artist Johannes Vermeer would have chosen a dark moody frame to help express his message. To make this work really look authentic rather than framing it under glass, we have applied a transparent oil finish brush stroke medium. Framed as shown the external frame size is 74 X 93 cm.



Custom Framing with a Difference







In this detail of the framed image of The Girl with the Pearl Earring, we feature one of our beautiful hand finished Italian frames. The picture is bordered by a black mat (cardboard surround) and lined with an inner gold leafed fillet, which is a work of art in itself.

Expensive framing? Yes, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course there are many other options, some cheaper and some...well yes we do stock frames for those with lavish tastes. Have a look at some of our Bellini framing range.





Custom Framing Example
An original oil painting. We cleaned and re varnished this, then used a schmick gold leaf frame. It also has a "fillet" (small inner frame) to help enhance the image.image00002.jpg








Above we framed a contemporary nautical scene. We chose a neo rustic frame with an artisan hand finish over a silver leaf base-just perfect for this image.




We LOVE finding frames that are unique and give us the opportunity to offer you something away from the display home / Ikea look.






In this example care was taken to use museum standard framing materials, including backing and fibres used to sew garment on to the backing being such that deterioration of the irreplaceable work was eliminated to the highest possible degree.

The fabric was subjected to a benign gas to kill living organisms to help prolong the life of the garment originally worn by a Canadian Indian chief many years ago.



Super Sized Frame



 I think this is the largest canvas we've stretched to date almost life size!!


"The Wall" - Over 1566 frame samples to choose from.




Per customer survey the most important factor in custom picture framing is having a large enough selection of the frame mouldings (frames) and coloured mat board (surrounds) to enable the designer to offer the best possible look. We have over 20 meters of wall displaying arguably the largest and most diverse selection of frames in Melbourne. Included in our sample range is a beautiful selection of hand finished Italian frames. We go out of our way to find different and exclusive frames that you won’t find all over town. Some of them are not cheap, but for the right piece of art work, or other important item that you want to keep forever these frames and mat boarders are superb.









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Décor Advice

It is not always easy to come up with the right design or décor piece which results in a great looking space. Having had the experience afforded us from working in the interior design industry for many, many years we have had the pleasure of working with some of the cream of the interior design profession. 

From this we have learned much, and happily pass on our knowledge to you our customers.

If you are local to us in Malvern we can arrange an on site décor service. Please call us on 03 9576 1566 or email to make arrangements.








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The Choices

The secret to making this a whole lot easier is to have a vast, vast selection of affordable art works, beautifully framed prints, picture framing samples and mirrors on display in a gallery.

Having a large showroom which has street level and an upstairs suite of galleries really gives us the room to showcase an enormous selection of wall décor products which then enables us to help advise you to come up with the best possible look for the spaces you are addressing. These services include:

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  • Budget Picture Framing
  • Framed Mirrors Traditional and Contemporary, pre made mirrors
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Grosby Shoes "They're great mate" below is the original Grosby shoe with mechanical arm shown in the 1960 TV adds. Its proud owner of the Grosby clan wanted it preserved in the below frame. 





 We had the pleasure of helping one of our customers with some of our art works, framed prints and mirrors and she kindly allowed us to show some of the rooms here on our web site.





Framing Designer since 1985 Lynne has garnered a few clues over the years. Follow this link to read her ever growing Framing Design Tips >>>