Custom Made Mirrors

Custom Made Mirrors 

We want to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. Whilst we do have a very extensive range of mirrors, we often get requests for very unique styles, sizes and shaped of mirror. We can custom make pretty much any mirror you can dream up! 

To enquire about a custom mirror design, click here to email us or call us on 03 9576 1566. 




We can create mirrors in any shape and size with a simple frameless look. This frameless mirror has been particularly popular for bathrooms. 

A locally made product ensures the mirror quality is good and as the edge is polished and sealed with wax it helps prevent that horrible black decay that can occur with cheaper products especially in bathrooms. The mirror is glued to a 9 mm backing that is treated with moisture resistant resin and has an optional hanging system. The backing is set back from the edge of the mirror to create a floating look and also leaves enough space to attach LED lighting (not provided but available from hardware stores).

Here are some examples of different shapes and styles of the custom frameless mirror.


img-8977.jpg            frameless-mirror-with-led-lighting-28407.jpg




pisa-brass-550x800mm-scena-view-02-600x-72312.jpg      pisa-black-550x800mm-scena-view-01-600x-02028.jpg

For years we've been asked if we can custom make arch shaped mirrors. And the answer has always been, "No, we can't get the frame to bend to an arch shape." But, that has all changed! We have been able to source a local Australian manufacturer that can bend the metal frame to create custom ached mirrors, and any other shape you need. These can be custom made to any size, with a metal frame in brass, black, silver or white. The metal frame makes it the perfect mirror for the bathroom. 

Another of our most popular custom mirrors is the slimline custom mirror. An almost frameless mirror with a very thin metal frame around the edge. Only about 2mm showing front on, with a depth of 15mm, which sits out from the wall slightly. Made to any size, it is a simplistic modern style custom mirror. 

errol-leaner-35035.jpg          errol-leaner-1-35650.jpg





We have the most beautiful selection of Australian designed and manufactured Art Deco Mirrors. Art Deco mirrors were a popular design style during the 1920s and 1930s. Art Deco mirrors are a glamorous addition to any home or space, and can add a touch of vintage elegance to modern decor.

Here are a few of our favorite Art Deco custom styles. We can customize the size, style, shape and mirror glass, including black and antiqued mirror features. Click here to see our range of Art Deco mirrors. 

success1a.jpg               manhattan-high-black-57960-51959.jpg





Antiqued mirrors are mirrors that have been treated with a special chemical to give it an aged and vintage look. Hand-made and designed right here in Australia. Create a feature in your home with this antiqued mirror, framed or unframed, made to any size and shape. We also offer any coloured mirror, we can create custom sizes for splash backs. We have even supplied The Block! with a last minute custom glass splashback. 

Below: Custom framed antique mirror & close up detail of antiqued mirror glass. 

img-8981.jpg       antique-mirror-glass-mhm-.jpg





We can create any mirror from our wide selection of frames available. We have hundreds of frames in every style, from simplistic, oak wood, over the top ornate and everything in between. Come in store for a free mirror design consultation with our expert staff where we go over every detail with you including, frame design, bevelled or plain mirror, waterproofing, hanging and anything else you may need to know. 

print-decor-frames-63.jpg        print-decor-frames-61.jpg

print-decor-frames-59.jpg       print-decor-frames-53.jpg




We're here to help you! Our staff are all experienced frame and mirror design consultants. Come in to our store at 60 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, Vic to get expert advice in making your ideas a reality. Or get in touch by email or call us at 03 9576 1566. 

Looking forward to seeing you!