Gill Del-Mace Catalogue



The Side Show Revisited


“Fascinated by the innate beauty I see in the slightly bizarre


‘I feel fortunate doing what I love for a living.


‘In the early Eighties on a visit to Europe, I came across a Twentieth Century art movement...I found this art fascinating, and the very name “Magic Realism” conjured up visions from my past. A past influenced by weird and wonderful people, tattooed ladies, contortionists, clowns and movie people and all seen as a child, travelling to different countries... this led to a colourful visual array of experiences to draw from, and put into present day paintings.


‘Drawing is very important. I have spent many hours over the years learning this most important basic. The thought process, the physical working, mixing the colours together and transferring them to a pristine white canvas, is both sensual and exciting. I can understand Vincent Van Gogh eating his paints, some of the colours look edible, and I also think the turpentine can get to you."


Gill Del-Mace