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Choose Prints to Add to Your Home or Office’s Aesthetic Impact

When looking for an easy but impactful way to decorate your walls, few things do the job as well as carefully selected prints. No matter your situation, the right framed prints can transform a space and change bare walls into something beautiful. For example, you may be a business owner looking to decorate a reception space or an office.

Adam Cullen Mustard Growler

More often, you're a homeowner or rental tenant looking for an easy way to spruce up the place and put your spin on the interior design. Whatever your reason for desiring new prints, where should you turn to find unique art that speaks to you? The generic canvases you can find elsewhere in department stores and online may not speak to your style at all. At Print Decor, we're excited to offer something different. With everything from abstract art prints to collectible artist-signed and numbered limited editions, we simplify the process of achieving an ideally decorated space. From both our huge print and framing shop in Malvern and our online presence, Print Decor offers you more opportunities to find art that excites you. How did we get our start, and what useful advice do we have to offer to make the purchasing process fun and easy?

A History of Our Prints for Sale

It's important to be able to trust in the quality of the prints you buy anywhere, but especially online. How can you trust Print Decor to deliver the quality you expect when you make a purchase? We think the simplest way to answer that question is to explain how we got here.

  • We started back in 1985 — long before we ever had a storefront, and certainly before anyone thought of selling art through anything called the "internet"! Hawking prints on the street to visitors, we learned what people like, what they don't, and how quickly trends can come and go.
Anumarapiti Print
  • Eventually, we made the transition to our print shop in Malvern, where our team has grown to include artists and framers alike united in our passion for providing exciting home decor.
  • Today, we're excited to share our passion even farther afield, now shipping Australia-wide so no matter where you are, you can decorate to your heart's content.

Common Mistakes People Make with Art Prints

At Print Decor, we want you to enjoy every purchase you make from our business. To that end, it is a good idea to take a step back and consider what not to do when you wish to buy art. How can you avoid ending up with something that you don't enjoy as much as you hoped you would? Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Choosing a print that is too small or too large for a space. You should be able to comfortably enjoy the presence of the artwork, without it dominating the space too much nor having something so undersized that looks like a pimple on a pumpkin.
  • Limiting the possibilities too much. Don't focus too much on one specific category unless you're sure you know you need art of a particular style. With such a vast selection of prints out there, you should try to leave the door open to find a piece that surprises and delights you. "When it comes to art, listen to your heart."
  • Opting for a frame that does not bring out the best qualities in the piece. When in doubt, you can always ask our experienced framers to make a suggestion based on the style and palette used in the piece.

When Buying Prints in Melbourne, Consider This

Knowing what to avoid doing is important, but what about more constructive advice? Obviously, there is a great deal of personal preference involved. Only you can decide which seascape prints or floral prints match your preferred tastes. However, there are more concrete considerations to make for ensuring a print purchase that looks fabulous in your space:

Measure your space carefully and try to envision how you'd like to lay out the prints. With many available sizes, we make it easy to do anything from creating a mosaic of art to putting up big, bold visual statements. Try marking out spaces with painter’s tape for an easy way to visualise the result. Canvas is not the only medium you can choose anymore. Prints on acrylic and glass provide an attractive and highly durable solution that has a more modern look. Explore all your options. Don't forget about blending the colours in the art with those you use to decorate the space. The best interiors bring these elements together beautifully.

What Sets Print Decor Apart Regarding Artwork Prints?

With a good idea of how to make a smart print purchase, it's time to get down to the fun part: shopping! Although we have deep roots in the local art community, there are other reasons to choose to shop with us.

  • We stock a huge range of art, including the most abstract to the most lifelike and striking landscapes. We're always looking for more art to bring to our patrons, and our collection grows all the time.
  • We provide opportunities for purchasing original limited edition prints from many popular artists, both from Australia and abroad. Some of the most famous artists whose prints we carry include Adam Cullen, John Olsen, Jan Neil, and many more.
  • We ship Australia-wide with safe, secure packaging. When you want to buy from a team that has enjoyed curating art for others for over 30 years, you don't have to come to our shop to make a purchase — we're happy to send it straight to your doorstep, unframed or framed and ready for hanging.

The Benefits of Framed Prints from Our Shop

Selling prints isn't all we do. Did you know that we also have a complete frame shop with many options? Though some prefer the look of prints on glass , it is tough to go wrong with a classic framed canvas. Consider some of the advantages of having your piece framed by our team:

  • Frames (including 'floating" canvas frames) stabilise paintings and help keep them in good condition for the long term. Although they do not necessarily protect the surface of the painting, they keep the edges of the canvas and the stretcher bars protected.
  • Frames complement the painting and draw attention to particular colours or features, while also providing a strong visual statement when hung on the wall.
  • Framing collectible prints is an excellent way to reinforce and preserve their value to you and to enhance the appeal of owning the item. A unique piece of art deserves a frame that makes it look its best.

Fast Facts About Our Slim Aarons Prints

Do you prefer photographic prints to art when crafting the design of a space? Many people enjoy seeing reflections of real life, rather than abstracts, in their homes. At Print Decor, we're proud to carry a line of prints drawn from the works of Slim Aarons , the photographer of the jet-set from yesteryear. Here are a few things to know if you'd like to explore this collection:

  • Our Slim Aarons prints are sourced from the Getty Images Gallery, holders of the original collection. These prints are not produced by inkjet on canvas. Instead, the gallery uses a special resin paper and a printing method that accurately reproduces the tones and shades of the original photos.
  • Is there a particular Slim Aarons photo you would like to display in your home or office? The entire collection is available for you to choose from; simply let us know which you'd like best.
  • Our curated selection of images is ready for your immediate purchase. For those who prefer to browse and buy right away, we've made it simple to find an excellent option that suits you.

Services Related to Australian Art Prints We Also Provide

Looking for something else? Don't miss our other products and services, which also include:

  • Mirrors of many shapes and sizes. Whether you want a mirror for functional purposes or to make a space seem larger, we have a catalogue of mirrors. Options include custom made-to-measure solutions for when you just can't find the perfect piece.
  • Decorator paintings. A lower-cost option for those who want to beautify their space or rental property on a budget or spruce up a property going on the market; these options don't have a look that reflects their price tag. You don't have to buy a limited edition print to still impress guests and potential property buyers.
  • Online home decor options. Looking for a unique piece to tie your space together? Our always-growing selection of wall decor awaits, with fully insured convenient shipping options, so there's no need to worry about transport.

Why Should You Buy From Print Decor?

With thousands of choices, competitive prices, and custom framing available, Print Decor is a true one-stop-shop for art lovers and interior decorators. No matter what room you need to decorate or what your taste is in art or photography, we're certain we’ll have something for everyone. With the easiest shopping experience around and a friendly customer service team ready to assist you today, we hope you'll turn to us to do something about those bare walls soon. Start shopping online, or give us a ring if you have any questions about our prints, frames, or other services.