Images With Music

I heard that ...

You may be familiar with the famous composition ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’. In this famous classical oeuvre, we accompany a visitor to an art exhibition, and we get to listen to a range of musical descriptions of painting masterworks.

But what if you could choose or commission music for your favourite image or painting? This is exactly what Print Decor is now offering as our latest service.You can select an art work, have an original musical piece created to compliment the work. You can even have a QR code imprinted in the framing and follow the link to the music!

Below are 3 of our favourite images and the talented composer Markus Plattner has created a sample sound track for each. Click on the image and have a listen ... preferably on a good quality sound system, volume not too soft.





The composer



Markus Plattner is a Swiss jazz guitarist, composer and teacher. (Dep. Director Musikschule Konservatorium Bern 2003 - 2015) He lives in Switzerland and Australia. His passion is music as ours is art, and it did not take us long to come up with an idea ... let's put music to our favourite works of art.


You Choose

Send us your chosen image, it can be a work of art or simply a photo of a happy time or a loved one. Markus will contact you for some more details and explain how the process works.

Follow this link and please fill in the questionnaire >>>