Images With Music

Are you listening ???

...what if you could choose or commission music for YOUR favourite image or painting?


" Hi Markus, The new version is perfect.  The revisions have worked out well. It was a pleasure collaborating with you, a unique experience and I look forward to catching up with you ..." Suzanne

…you may be familiar with the well known composition ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’, composed for piano by Modest Mussorgsky and orchestrated by Maurice Ravel. In this iconic classical oeuvre, we accompany a visitor to an art exhibition, and we get to listen to a range of musical descriptions of painting masterworks.

But what if you could choose or commission music for YOUR favourite image or painting? This is exactly what Print Decor is now offering as our latest service.You can select an art work and then have an original musical piece created to compliment the work. You can even have a QR code imprinted in the framing to facilitate listening to your own exclusive composition. Thus your guests and friends can conveniently hear it as well. Of course you get an audio track as well, which you can keep forever.
Markus Plattner, our composer, has created sound tracks for 3 of our favourite paintings. Click on the links beside the images above and have a listen ... preferably on a good quality sound system or with headphones, volume not too soft. In order not to give away too much, you will hear excerpts of the three compositions.


promo-photo-mp.jpg Markus Plattner, Swiss-Australian guitarist and composer


If you like the idea, please click here and fill out the short form to receive more info from our composer directly (there is no obligation to proceed with an order if you decide not to).


Markus will contact you for some more details including the sending of your chosen image; this can be a work of art from any source, including all the images on the Print Decor website or simply a photo of a happy time or a loved one. and explain how the process works. He will focus first and foremost on your ideas, as to what type of music would best enhance your pleasure while gazing at your favourite image.