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The Malvern Gallery of Modern Art (MGMA) above our picture framing and decor showroom hosts exhibitions of local artists.

Located in the centre of the art scene at 60 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern. 3144 ph. 9576 1566

Our latest exhibition was of the works of Jan Neil.

Jan is always creating her own new genres and her latest work with colour demonstrates the pure joy that emanates from this creative soul. 



 Melbourne Artist Jan Neil



I love “colour” that’s an understatement. It doesn’t always have to be bright, just appeal to my sensibility. Secondly, I love texture, the more the better, providing the image holds together. So with colours and textures everywhere I’m a happy individual, constantly thinking of the next adventures into imagery.


 The exhibition launched on Saturday 8th November. See pictures below. 


      print-decor-jan-neil-exhibition-19.jpg   print-decor-jan-neil-exhibition-31.jpg


print-decor-jan-neil-exhibition-24.jpg    print-decor-jan-neil-exhibition-7.jpg


print-decor-jan-neil-exhibition-15.jpg     print-decor-jan-neil-exhibition-34.jpg





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Malvern Gallery of Modern Art "this way" 












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Featured in our gallery: The works of Jan Neil

Acrylic collage painting



Jan's artistic inspiration comes from the natural environment.
In 1997 she commenced Acrylic Collage on stretched canvas. Collage materials used were mainly found objects; timber, metal, wire and fabrics. This period marked a new chapter in Jan's prolific artistic career, during which she completed many commissions for high profile clients; Greg Norman's yacht; Launceston Country Club Tasmania, Sails in the Desert, Uluru and many others.



Limited Edition canvas print






Limited Edition print




There is another side to Jan's artistic inspiration. Working with her daughter Vanessa and inspired by her urban surroundings in Fitzroy, particularly street art and graffiti a new genre was created.

Her new toolbox consists of photography, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and digital printing. All of the images are available as limited edition prints - signed and numbered, with a choice of printing on paper or stretched canvas to the size you desire.

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Our first exhibition: SIDE SHOW  by Gill Del-Mace was a wonderful event.




You can see some photos and details below.


Thanks to Gill's and her publisher David's encouragement we were spurred into creating the art gallery above our already established picture framing and decor business in Glenferrie Rd, Malvern. We were honoured to have such a talented high profile artist to launch the venue.

Gill's full catalogue of Limited Edition prints are still available, including her most popular Knife Thrower. It was the first to sell out but we are pleased to say we have 2 copies for sale from previous customers.

Please call 03 9576 1566 for details or e mail to

Many admirers of Gill's work were able to meet and chat with her. Gill has a wonderful wry sense of humour. A splendid time was indeed had by all. Below are some photos of the exhibition. Gill's Limited Edition Prints are available click here to see. >>>




Above: Opening night: Gill Del-Mace (left) with Connie, Lynne and Bernie



 "Side Show" by Gill Del-Mace* 

an exhibition of superb Magic Realism.

Enter the world of Gill Del-Mace. The entire Side Show exhibition will be available for viewing and purchase (framed and unframed) including some newly released signed Limited Edition prints and original works.

PRINT DECOR (new gallery upstairs)







Gallery entrance hall





Above: One of the original paintings at the exhibition


Have a look at Gill Del-Mace on our web site. Click here >>>


 *In 2006 Gill Del-Mace held her Side Show exhibition of her “Carnivale” series of paintings from the 1980’s. It is with great excitement that Print Decor revisits the Side Show with the series of  archival signed and numbered Limited Edition prints from the original Side Show Exhibition.

Worldwide Copyright © 2006 Gill Del-Mace, Melbourne, Australia. All rights reserved







After a sojourn of 10 years Print Decor returned to the Herald Sun Home Show in August 2014. We launched Print Decor in 1985 using the Home Shows as our prime means of promotion and continued into the early 2000's. It was like attending a school reunion to be back in Jeff's shed in 2014.