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Custom Picture Framing MelbournePrint Decor offers a custom picture framing service from our shop in Malvern.

Bring your work of art, print, tapestry, mirror or almost anything else to one of our trained expert picture framing consultants  and we will help you to bring that work to life. We do this by helping you to select the right frame and matt board (thats the coloured board around the art work) to match the work itself and to best match or enhance the decor of the space the work is going to be hung.

Matching the best frame and matt board means trying combinations from our hundreds of samples - we carry corner samples of a very wide range of picture frames to match to your work. This means selecting thick or thin, wooden or aluminium, plain or ornate, coloured, patterned or wood stain.

Each combination will convey a different feel and message - so getting that right with a trained picture framing consultant is very important.

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Once the selection process has been concluded to your satisfaction then your art work and instructions are carefully followed by one of our expert picture framers, who will frame your work - ready to hang - taking all due care and consideration to your job. They understand that each piece of work to be framed is individual and has importance to its owner.

Once complete you come back to our store and pick your work up, or for bulky pieces we can deliver to your home or office to be hung.

Our intention is to provide aesthetic decor, well designed and framed images and works of art that enhance and make your environment more enjoyable to experience. Have a look through our custom picture framing web pages to see samples of our work and picture framing design advice. We would like to think we have the best custom picture framing Melbourne has to offer!

We have been offering a custom picture framing service in Melbourne since 1985, and so we are confident of providing you with the best possible service and quality.

Print Decor Picture Framing MelbourneOwners Lynne and Bernie Lowenstein have been helping customers make their homes more beautiful since Print Decor was founded in 1985. If you are in Melbourne, please come and see our Picture Framing store and Gallery. We offer our custom picture framing services to the Melbourne area and surrounding inner eastern suburbs. Located near the Malvern station at the Caulfield end of Glenferrie Road and easy to find with plenty of free parking. 

Glenferrie Road is a Melbourne shopping institution, starting in Kew you travel south through Hawthorn and arrive at the Caulfield end where we are located just over Wattletree Rd. One of the original strip shopping centres bordering on Armadale and Malvern East and not too far from St Kilda and Glen Iris it is well worth a visit to experience the eclectic mix of retail business and cafes.

In this age of "QUICK CLICK>>> I GOT IT" we thought it would be nice to slow down and offer several pages of browsing on the subject of picture framing, after all we've been framing since 1985....Read more >>>






 Picture Framing Melbourne

Make the Most of Your Art Prints and Memorabilia with Well Designed Expert Picture Framing in Melbourne

Print Decor Malvern

Our intention is to provide aesthetic decor with well designed picture framing, framed images and works of art that enhance and make your Melbourne home or business environment a more enjoyable to experience.

Picture framing in our Melbourne framing store protects your art, prints, tapestries or almost anything precious to you. Time isn’t kind to these items, which often results in fading and permanent damage. Losing a valuable item isn’t something that anybody wants to endure but you can avoid it through the advice of Malvern based professional picture framers in Melbourne's inner East. Print Decor helps you secure your artwork and ensure it's safe from the elements that gradually damage it while maintaining, and in most cases, adding to the aesthetics.

Benefits of Melbourne Picture Framing

Whether you have a family heirloom, a portrait of your loved ones or a valuable collectible hand signed print, framing it is advisable. The frame demonstrates how exclusive the contents are to you and preserves the quality of the item for years.

  • Not all frames are equal. Some mass produced premade framing materials contain acid and coupled with a lack of resistance to UV rays are detrimental to your artwork or mementos. When you don’t select the correct frame and glass for precious items, you will notice discolouration and eventually the total breakdown of the contents. We advise that you opt for a custom frame in Melbourne that guarantees your artwork is safe from discolouration and protected from damaging UV light.
Picture Framing Service
  • When you decide on custom framing, you receive advice from a professional that has been dealing with precious art and memorabilia for years. Therefore, you’re in a better place to select the correct frames and materials to help keep your items intact. Additionally, you’re adding your flair to the artwork by including framing materials that are unique to you and let your art stand out aesthetically.
  • After you’ve decided to engage with quality Melbourne based framers you have access to a massive catalogue of framing materials. Our extensive range includes modern and ornate designer frames from Italy and every day simple frames at budget prices, natural wood, black, white and metallic finish frames and "floating" frames to surround a canvas. There are hundreds of possibilities we can guide you on to ensure your artwork adds sophistication and beauty to its surroundings.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Custom Framing in Melbourne

If you prefer online shopping, it doesn’t mean you’re alone. It may be tempting to select what you feel is best for your artwork, but it may have dire consequences which you may regret later. There’s always the option to call the store for professional help and guidance.

  • Getting the correct ratio balance between artwork and framing materials is an important factor. One image may be tall and thin and require a matt board (cardboard) surround of different proportions to a square image. Years of experience and "having seen many options" makes it easier for us to advise you intelligently.
  • Framing materials consist of several components. While it is tempting to demand the highest standard possible, it doesn’t mean that the most expensive is the best solution. Hence, it is critical that you speak to a professional who can advise you accordingly.
  • If travelling to Malvern (inner eastern suburb of Melbourne) is not practical you are welcome to send images of your picture framing item or we can setup a video call to help you with framing design.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Professional Picture Framing

If you require custom framing in Melbourne the picture framing design DOESN'T start with the eyes, it starts with the EARS! The reason you are wanting to CUSTOM FRAME something, we guess, is because it is going to enhance the place where it will hang. Truth be known there are many ways to frame the same thing and it all really starts with the designer LISTENING to what you need and want. Simple, Inexpensive? No, Black, White, Bright, Muted, Over the Top, Understated? You need someone who can help find what you had in mind and then it's our game to ensure that it will work in your space.

  • It’s imperative you remember that the frame is the supporting act to the content. While the frame shouldn’t take centre stage, it does have to complement the artwork. Together, the frame and content must make the ‘ideal couple’, hanging on a wall to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Consider using materials that assist the artwork to remain in its prime condition. Acid-free mats are integral to ensure that the content won’t discolour over time. Selecting the type of glass is just as critical. Common, clear picture frame glass has almost no UV protection which permanently damages the content. If valuable or precious always opt for a UV filtering glass to protect your artwork.
  • Hanging hardware for custom frames is seldom considered until you’re ready to place it on the wall in your home. Some pre-made frames have hardware at the back, but you must evaluate if it’s strong enough to hold the work in place. A professional picture framer ensures the framed item has adequate hanging hardware.

About Print Decor

Business owners, Lynne and Bernie Lowenstein, have been assisting people with increasing the aesthetics of their homes since 1985. We’re closing in on 40 years in the industry, and with those years of experience, you can bet we know our stuff. We have now evolved to include the online shopping experience but still have the frame shop in Melbourne.

We suggest you contact us for any advice regarding custom picture frames or if you’d like more information on our products.

In this age of "QUICK CLICK>>> I GOT IT" we thought it would be nice to slow down and offer several pages of browsing on the subject of picture framing, after all we've been framing since 1985....Read more >>>