Mirror Quality

 The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Benjamin Franklin

WARNING:  We have been notified by concerned customers that there are inferior copies of some of our popular mirrors being sold. Some customers have come to us to replace the sub-standard mirror. If the mirror is made on the cheap, it will often lack the adequate number of coatings of silver and poor quality silvering on the glass resulting in "dust" like specks. The use of cheap metals and lack of a polished glass edge makes the mirror more vulnerable to "rusting" as shown below.


Corner of bathroom mirror, showing decay

These cheap mirrors are produced in a lower end mirror factory in China.

To quote one of our mirror suppliers, "These (low quality) mirrors are not the type that our factory specialises in. These cheap mirrors are produced in a lower end mirror factory in China. When it comes down to the quality of the actual mirror (glass) itself, ours are better than anything some of the major retail chain stores would use. I suspect these ultra cheap mirrors don't have a flat polished glass edge nor copper free Nickel based silvering, (which helps preserve the mirror and reduces risk of rust) let alone the frame finish quality. Some are on cheap unsealed MDF (particle board) that warps, causing distortion in reflection."

Mirror Mirror OFF THE WALL ... A cheap hanging system for the mirror can be a disaster.

An important factor with a framed mirror is the strength of the hanging system. We have seen some copies of our large round, oval and arch top mirrors with fixing screws and hanging attachments that could be dangerous. In particular, a heavy framed mirror made of iron can weigh up to 40 kgs or more, and you don't want that to fall off the wall.

 d-ring.jpg   fixing-screw-detail.jpg


The above images show the back of a heavy metal framed mirror weighing over 26 kgs. The fixing screw is about 10mm and fixed into particle board. We would advise if you are planning on hanging a mirror over 15 kgs, you ask some questions about the hanging system. That cheap mirror may end up costing you way more than you expected if it fell down, not to mention the potential for injury. Print Decor have professional installers we can recommend, but will only offer this advice for mirrors we supply, as we ensure the structure and hanging system of the mirror frame is above and beyond question.


Who can you trust?

The safest way to ensure you will be buying a well produced mirror is to go to a mirror store and ask questions. How is the mirror coated? Is the edge of the mirror polished? What type of backing is provided? What type of hanging hardware is used? How long are the fixing screws?

If going to the store is not an option call or send an email with your questions or look for On-Line Reviews. Google Reviews appear for many stores but some are hidden. If you search the (company name) reviews  (eg. Print Decor Reviews) you may discover more reviews. You can also go to productreview.com.au and enter the business name. Keep in mind there were many frustrated people during covid lockdown and the delivery systems went into complete meltdown.

Look for reviews that talk about the quality of the product, return and refund policy and of course customer service.

Three modern panelled mirrors hanging in a hallway

Value for money

Print Decor sources mirrors of good quality, while remaining realistic to customer price requirements. Now we are not claiming that our mirrors are the ultimate in high end luxury, but they don't cost €1,999.90 (Euros). We source mirrors from reputable companies who have been in the mirror game as long as we have ... since 1985.

While there is no guarantee that a mirror exposed to high humidity and excessive moisture and more pertinently cleaned with aggressive cleaning agents, won't suffer some kind of decay, we can say that a well cared for mirror following our advised guidelines >>> has a very good chance of long term survival.

Real live people to help you


We take pride in delivering attentive, interested customer service. Print Decor was one of the first companies to offer framed mirrors as an extension of our custom framing service back in the 1980s. We have seen many companies enter into this sector of home interiors, and sadly some companies are downgrading these beautiful home decor items by selling products of questionable quality, and I'm not just referring to small business.

Our gallery / showroom is staffed by enthusiastic real live people who are happy to answer your questions. Please consider buying something well made at a good price that won't end up in the hard waste collection in 2 year's time.


Yours Sincerely, Lynne and Bernie Lowenstein @ Print Decor.