Who is Slim Aarons?

The Slim Aarons legacy

Slim Aarons images, when quality matters.

Sadly there seems to be an impulse in our culture to make less of things of beauty. Recently we had 2 customers observe the Slim Aarons collection in our gallery and were surprised at the exceptionally high photographic image quality. They returned with the cheap images they had ordered on-line and ordered the authorised copies from us. Clearly the cheap copies had taken the images and reproduced them in a poor quality format. The images were pixelated and the colours were not true to the originals taken by the photographer.

The genuine authorised images available here are reproduced to the highest standards. There are cheaper inkjet copies about that do not do this photographer justice. The original black and white negatives and colour transparencies are individually tested and printed in the Getty Images Archive darkroom on  professional grade resin paper or as Colour C-Type Prints, notable for their continuous tone and vibrant colours.

Compared with standard inkjet prints from a digital file, these Colour C-Type Prints offer a truer representation of the original image in both colour matching and definition.

The Slim Aarons collection is held by the world renowned Getty Images Gallery the only company with exclusive access to the entire collection of original Slim Aarons negatives held in the archives at Getty Images. "Our dedicated international team combines custom curation, responsive sales, an in-house darkroom and bespoke production services in a distinct package."

All Slim Aarons prints are embossed with ‘Getty Images Archives’ and comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

So Who is Slim Aarons?

Before the idea of ‘celebrity’ took on a slightly unpleasant connotation, Slim Aarons helped the public gain a glimpse into the rarefied lifestyle of high society.

Aarons never used a stylist, or a makeup artist. He made his career out of what he called "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places". Wikipedia.

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