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Modern Contemporary Picture Frames 

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Modern Picture Frames, in a contemporary room



MODERN is defined as relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past, and CONTEMPORARY or occurring at the same time. 2. belonging to or occurring in the present.

The challenge is that the present is always changing.

After all what are modern picture frames?

Trends are set by international gurus many months in advance. We update our picture framing tips web page and Blogs with current trends.

I was once at a Picture Framing Design seminar and asked the international guest speaker what was current, contemporary and modern in custom picture framing colours. She replied, "Take a look in the mirror darling, you're wearing the colours that were pre determined about 18 months ago!!" 

Today we are enjoying a beautiful combination of natural timbers positioned next to clean white walls.

White picture frames and natural timbers such as Tasmanian Oak and Ramin are approaching the popularity of soft siver and black frames. 

Photo collage in contemporary setting

 Photo collage with an eclectic mix of frames creates interest and breaks the uniformity of choosing the same frame for each photo


Modern White Picture Frame, Melbourne


We like to "play" with some of the old ornate frames, spray painting them in contemporary colours and using a bright mat board surround.

Ornate White frame with Modern Image   


 Modern Picture Framing-Black Ornate Frame-Bright Mat





 As we have one of the largest picture frame sample boards around we have the space to display the ON TREND newly released picture frames.


Contemporary Modern Picture Frame Samples



Currently simple white frames are very popular particularly when framing brightly coloured works of art and photography. Silver and black frames also tend to work with modern decor and "old fashioned gold" is on it's way back. A large ornate gold or silver frame helps embellish a modern minimalistic looking room.

Gold Frames in a modern room

Many modern homes and offices find art works which are on stretched canvas. We are finding that people are getting tired of the naked canvas on the wall and are looking for a way to finish the art work without interfering with the art.


Modern Art-Print Decor



 The stretched canvas is fixed into this frame supported at the back allowing the frame to "float" along the side of the canvas. As there is no glass required there is no overlapping frame lip, allowing the often important edge of the art work to be exposed. 

Canvas Floating Frame in Natural Wood


Contemporary-Modern-Framed Canvas, in modern Black Floating Frame

Silver and pewter frames can enhance photos as well work with accessories in your home or office. There are even a variety of shades of silver. From pewter, to stainless steel look to an elegant champagne.

The contemporary range also includes bright colours, particularly red, orange, lime green, gunmetal and shades of gold and black.



Contemporary frames

Above are just a few examples of some of our contemporary frames available.




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