What is Minimalism?

by Print Decor

There is a term that you will hear frequently in the field of home decor design and art - minimalism.

In discussing art such as sculpture, architecture and painted works, minimalism refers to “characterised by the use of simple, massive forms”. Some examples of this might include;

Minimalism in architecture

minimalist sculpture

Minimalism in sculpture

In terms of home decor, minimalism might be defined as a “deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design.” (Oxford Dictionary 2017) .

That can be seen in these types of picture frames;

Minimalist Picture Frames

Minimalist picture frames

And in these mirrors;

Minimalist mirrors

You can see by these examples that this is not actually a complex subject (although it may have been made to seem so).

The question may then arise - why do we need minimalism - surely this is just ‘simple frames’ or ‘plain mirrors’. That may be true, but we are looking at how this style, then, can be used to add to your home or office decor. A minimal frame is perfect for a modern artwork. It can be used to provide the entire focal point to the artwork rather than using a frame to enhance the art.

Correctly used - a minimalist mirror or frame will help to enhance the decor of the space it is sitting in. By its understand nature, the minimal decor piece will not take attention away from the room that it is in, but will add to it in a subtle way, adding just a hint of colour, or drawing attention to an artwork without taking attention away from it, or providing a practical mirror that increases the space or light of a room.

The 'Errol' mirror in use in a home

How could use a minimalist decor piece be used in your home or office?