Venetian Mirrors add zing to your home decor

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Venetian Mirrors

Masterpieces of Art-in glass

Venetian Mirror, detail

Seven hundred years ago, in the 1400s on the small island of Murano in Venice these glass masterpieces were born. They were considered works of art in the day as is the case in today's décor.

Rochester Venetian Mirror

Trend Alert: Luxurious Venetian Mirrors

Recently a major design event in Milan -Isaloni- launched a selection of beautiful mirrors of Venice for contemporary decor. "The truth is, that the venetian mirror never ever lost its heritage, and is growing as a luxury add for living room furniture luxury!"

Olivia Venetian Mirror

Sophia Venetian Mirror

Carmella Venetian Mirror


You can buy a beautiful reproduction Venetian mirror from country of origin, but that could set you back $20,000- We are delighted to offer mirrors inspired by the Venetian artists of the 1400s for around $400 to $600. Obviously not the real deal, but a beautiful selection of these replica mirrors make it possible to add Venetian style to your home.

Round and shaped Venetian Mirrors

We have 13 Venetian Mirrors to offer at the moment, some horizontal, some vertical and a selection of shaped and round.

See all 13 Venetian Mirrors

Round Venetian Mirror Laurel

Venetian Lace

Laurel Mirror detail

Lace Mirror detail

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