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When it comes to styling an interior space many are choosing to breakaway from the traditional rectangular look. Contemporary homes and commercial space designs tend to be minimalist, with simple lines.

As can be seen in the reflection in the Hepburn mirror above the walls, skirting boards, framed pictures and even the flooring is made up of rectangles.

In order to break away from the uniformity of the simple rectangle shell, many home stylists place a shaped mirror as a "hero piece" to add character and a reflection of the days gone by when intricate detail was the norm.

The Trefoil mirror above is a more simplistic style but has a reflection of old world charm. If you check the frame finish you might be taken back to the days of an Imperial Ottoman Harem.

The Bjorn Arched-top floor standing mirror epitomizes today's contemporary designs but "softens" the harsh architectural angles with its curved top


The trend began a few years ago with the simple Modern Circular Mirror and soon progressed into the Bjorn selection of Oval and Round frames. The challenge has been the fact you can't "bend a frame" without sophisticated equipment and realistically if the production run isn't of sufficient quantity the price escalates.

On the other side of the coin too cheap can get pretty nasty. We source products we think hit the mark stylistically that are reasonably priced but don't compromise on quality.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." Benjamin Franklin.

Read more about the pitfalls of buying too cheap >>>

Bjorn Arched Bright White

Curvaceous in the Bathroom

Bathroom trends dictate a more sophisticated fittings and accessories for the bathroom. Again we find curved and shaped mirrors help ease the domination of the square and rectangular shapes (like the tiles) in the bathroom.

In the bathroom above a light white frame allows the other colours in the tiles and fittings to have their say while the subtlety of the white arched top frame above the basin brings a harmony to the angular design in the tiles.

The Scandi natural wood frame brings a serenity into the bathroom below, as does the beautiful floral arrangement.

The Ellipse Mirror

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets 

Illuminated mirrors and cabinets are now featured in many a contemporary bathroom. The round and oval shapes are not all that common and we were delighted to find these available from one of our prestigious high end suppliers. See the collection here >>>

Illuminated Mirror Cabinet

Gatsby Illuminated Mirror

The Rounding Benefit

Above: Our designers have ventured to "take the edge off" the contemporary rectangle above by rounding the corners. The Errol Curved Rectangle Mirror. 

The Riverstone mirror below is part of a morphed family of shapely mirrors.

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