The Winner Takes It All

by Print Decor

Print Decor Prize Time Draws Near

Last month we invited our subscribers to send us pictures of Mirrors and Artwork hanging in their homes or workspace with the offer of a $200- gift voucher for the image we chose as best. We are going to pick the winner on July 21st so if you would like to join up as a subscriber and send us an image, follow the below link. We'll also be sending discount vouchers to everyone who sends in an image. (See full details via link below).

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On the prize winner short list...

Here are some of the pictures on the short list. You can click on the image to see the product on our web site.

Modern Sunburst Mirror

 Custom Picture

Modern Circular Mirror - Copper Toned Mirror

Modern Round Brass Mirror

It's Our Birthday!


It was the 8th August 1988 when Print Decor first opened its doors on Glenferrie Road Malvern.

To celebrate our birthday we draw a subscriber name from our mailing list and present them with a $500- Gift Voucher. (That's an incentive to join on our list).

If you're not already on the list as a subscriber, please follow the above link and sign up. Then if you would like to double your chances to be a "winner who takes it all" click the button below.

8.8.88 Prize Draw

Qn: Who wrote the song "The Winner Takes It All" ?

Answer: The same person from which our WINNER mirror takes its name. Bjorn...our best selling mirror at the moment, and not surprising as it is one of the best priced high quality mirrors on the market.

Bjorn Oval

The Winner Takes It All

ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote this after separating from wife and fellow band member, Agnetha Fältskog. It's about a divorce where one person doesn't want to separate and clings desperately to the marriage. It put Agnetha in the strange spot of being asked to sing a breakup song written by her ex-husband. Ulvaeus didn't intend it this way. He explained: "I sang a demo of it myself which a lot of people liked and said, you have to sing that. But I saw the sensible thing of course, it had to go to Agnetha. I remember coming to the studio with it and everyone said, Oh this is great, wonderful It was strange hearing her singing it. It was more like an actress doing something when she sang it, but deeply moving. Afterwards there were a few tears as well."

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