The Madness of a Modern World

by Print Decor

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

New Artist at Print Decor

Introducing Johnny Romeo

Johnny Romeo is considered one of Australia's leading Pop Artists and is now internationally acclaimed for his work.

Johnny Romeo’s work critiques the madness of a modern world driven by pervasive advertising, hollow materialism and wasteful excess, exploring the way in which we construct our identities through the idolisation of pop culture and brand-name heroes.

*Photo credit: Neighbourhood Media Blog.

Revolution Rock by Johnny Romeo

Romeo's work is critically acclaimed in its attempt to represent a visual type of poetic and rhythmic blending of word, symbol and image.

Referred to as a bombastic neo expressionist pure pop painter with a lot to say about modern life, his work deals with the way we construct our identities from the vast array of images that pop culture immerses us in.

His work features pop culture, cultural homogenisation, the failures of blind consumerism, media saturation, celebrity fetish and brand name heroes. He mixes pop techniques with street art to critique some of the consumerist sentiments pervasive in society and, at times, in art, leading to him being called a colourist and a pop individualist.

His work is in many public and private national and international collections.

Print Decor Exclusive Limited Edition Prints

Old mates. Johnny Romeo and Wayne Matheson pictured here at a recent exhibition in Melbourne. Wayne is a passionate supporter of local artists and as Print Decor's Art Front Man is establishing the Malvern Gallery of Modern Art as a new string to the Print Decor bow. Wayne introduced us to Johnny Romeo a few years back, and it is now extremely exciting to launch Johnny's Limited Edition prints in our upstairs gallery.

With Wayne and Johnny's close collaboration, Johnny Romeo has now released an exclusive limited edition print range for Print Decor. With 10 unique prints of editions of 10, with one AP of each print.


Day Dream No. 9 by John Lennon   Iron Legend by Johnny Romeo

Dove Sparrow  Hooligan Blues by Johnny Romeo

These prints are very limited release with each print having an edition of 10. They are likely to sell out quickly, so grab one while they are still available. Each print is hand signed and editioned by Johnny and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Here's our favourite few from the full collection.

Looking for a Johnny Romeo Original?

We may be able to source one of Johnny's original works. Call us on 03 9576 1566 or email