The Knife Thrower theme by Gill Del-Mace has returned with a new release

by Print Decor

It had to happen - Gill's original Knife Thrower took us all by surprise and became one of the fastest selling limited edition prints in Australian history.

The Knife Thrower III by Gill Del-Mace

Gill Del Mace

If you missed the original Knife Thrower now is your chance to have the "girl with an attitude" in your possession.

If you have the original #1 or #2 this is a great opportunity to create a story in your home.

We will try and match your framed version if need be and offer a discount of up to 20% on selected frames.

We currently have the lowest edition numbers available.

"And if you want another kind of love
I'll wear a mask for you"
Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man

Gill and her publisher have been busy recently with the release of several new limited edition prints from Gill's Magic Realism series.

Click on the images to see more and make an on-line purchase

"I came across a Twentieth Century art movement, and I found this art fascinating, and the very name “Magic Realism” conjured up visions from my past. A past influenced by weird and wonderful people, tattooed ladies, contortionists, clowns and movie people and all seen as a child..."
"Drawing is very important. I have spent many hours over the years learning this most important basic. I can understand Vincent Van Gogh eating his paints, some of the colours look edible, and I also think the turpentine can get to you."