The Flynn Mirror

by Print Decor

The Flynn-Our most popular mirror of all time has revealed its true identity

Round Flynn Mirror black frame

The epitome of minimalism

Inspired by the Australian born actor Errol Flynn

Wikipedia tells us "Errol Flynn (1909-1959) was an Australian-born film star who gained fame in Hollywood in the 1930s... Tall, athletic and exceptionally handsome, Flynn personified the cavalier adventurer in a string of immensely popular films for Warner Brothers."

Simple Round White Mirror

Errol sell out

To quote Errol Flynn "My problem lies with reconciling my gross habits with my net income." If Errol had been a Print Decor shopper there would have been no problem...all he would have needed to do was to click here and check out the prices of his name sake The Flynn Mirrors or the Bjorn Mirrors and he would have been a very happy chappie indeed!! >

Our Flynn and Bjorn mirrors are currently ON SALE

Round Mirror

Grey Tinted Mirror

Pink Framed Round Mirror

Dusty Pink Frame

Round Mirror Grey Frame

Grey Frame

Rose Tinted Round Mirror

Rose Mirror

The modern frame has a smooth powder coated finish. It has a thin frame approx 3 mm wide to look at face on and 40 mm deep on the side. There is a small gap between the mirror and the face of the frame which is approx 1 mm. This creates a minimalist look and works well in any contemporary home.It is available in several colour choices and several sizes.

The Flynn Mirror re named the Modern Circular Mirror on our web site, to best describe its look, has become so popular we wanted to clear up any confusions in its name.

It is available as a round mirror as well as rectangular in several colours.

The round mirror comes in a number of sizes depending which colour, including 50, 60, 80, 100, 110 and 120 cm in some colours. See details on our web site

Coming a close second in popularity is the Bjorn Mirror.

Bjorn Oval Mirrors over twin vanity

The Bjorn Mirror is available as an oval, round and assorted other shapes. The 2 cm frame is not as deep as the 4 cm Flynn. It has been our most popular vanity unit mirror and here's a picture with LED back-lighting added by one customer. >

Bjorn with LED backlighting

Errol's cousins

See the extended Flynn family below, click on the image to see more-

Modern Simple Framed Mirror

Flynn Rectangle Mirror, known on our web site as the Errol mirror

Available in black, white and assorted colours. Sizes 120 x 100 cm & as a tall/long mirror 180 x 90 cm >

Curved Flynn selection, newly released...

The Curved Flynn Selection

Curved Flynn White

Errol's other relatives and in-laws

Click on the images below to see mirrors similar to above Flynn range

The Loft Mirror

St Kilda Frameless Mirror

Mirrors with mirrors as their frame like the above St Kilda mirror work perfectly in a modern environment. See the selection >

As you can see the extended Flynn family tree spreads wide. There are many other mirrors and wall art available on our web site and of course in our shop/gallery in Malvern.

As Print Decor has a custom picture framing service we often make mirrors to size framed from one of the vast selection of frames on display in our store >

Contemporary decor with minimalist framing has become very popular over recent years.

We hope you can find something that works for you. Please feel free to email or call 03 9576 1566 for help.