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David Bromley

Butterflies, a beautiful muse, young children playing and even a flying elephant, David Bromley captures the colour, the joy and the very essence of innate beauty. See the David Bromley collection click here

Take Flight by David Bromely Limited Edition Print

David Bromley and Kate Ceberano

Music queen Kate Ceberano introduced David Bromley to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and some years ago, as a guest performing visual artist he "performed" creating his artworks live on stage while mutual friend Brian Cadd performed. Inspired by her innate beauty Bromley has painted Kate a number of times including the cover art of her most recent album Sweet Inspiration

David Bromley's portrait of Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano has introduced her new art works to our gallery and she also decided to grant us permission to sell her beautiful portrait painted by one of Australia's leading contemporary artists David Bromley. I went to David's gallery to collect the beautiful signed original painting on canvas and had the pleasure of meeting the artist. Like any good groupie I got a photo of him, the painting and yours truly :) Bernie.

This is your chance to own a David Bromley original at a very reasonable price. Please contact us for details, but don't leave it too long. SOLD

The Kate Ceberano Unsung Songs

Oh but there's more to tell here. During the covid era lockdown Kate turned her hand to creative art works and produced a superb series of Unsung Songs, open and limited edition printed artworks. We have a selection framed in our gallery and her full catalog on our website. See her collection available to buy on-line, click here

Painiting of Tahiti by Kate Ceberano

Painting of Blue Hawaii by Kate Ceberabo

Above signed limited edition art prints by Kate Ceberano Blue Hawaii and above that Tahiti.

Cosmo Sage | The perfect pop of pastels with a sage green background.

If you are a fan of the TV show The Block you may remember this one featuring in contestants' Mark and Mitch's home.

This image looks great printed on canvas because of the textured paint strokes. We use high quality printing to make the print look like a real painting.See more details, click here.

Cosmo Sage | Framed Canvas Print

Cosmo's Flowers

A sweet companion to Cosmo, a beautiful floral arrangement to match the flowers in her hair.

Cosmo Bunch & Cosmo Sage

But why Cosmo ???

I wondered why the name "Cosmo." Would you like to know? The Cosmo secret took some chasing. I had to track down the artist and she was somewhat reluctant to share her personal information. I thought it would be fun to let you work it out with some clues, then I thought, why not offer the first 5 correct guesses a $50- Print Decor gift voucher.

Here's how to discover the answer to why Cosmo was named Cosmo.

Just follow this link, click here.

But why 'Cosmo'?