Round Mirrors - How to Style Your Home Using Round Mirrors

by Print Decor

Round mirrors can make an ideal decorative accent in any room of your home. They provide you with numerous benefits which include creating more light in dark rooms, making your room appear larger, and adding a classic feel to your decor with its soft curves. We have an extensive selection of mirrors comprising of frameless, backlit, minimalist edge, bold ornate frames, and more, so you are sure to find one that suits your interior décor.

The Importance of a Round Wall Mirror

There are numerous benefits for placing an extra-large round mirror in your home.

  • Make your room appear larger: A "hero piece" large mirror hung over the most significant item in your room can make the space seem larger and airier. For example, placing a single large round mirror over a fireplace, dressing table, headboard or sofa will bring attention to that main feature of the room while reflecting the opposite wall and, therefore, create the illusion of more space.
  • Increase the amount of light in your space: Round mirrors are a classic design piece that looks stylish and provide a practical benefit. When you place one in a dull room opposite a window or in front of a light source, you can brighten the space and create visual variety as the curves of the round mirror contrast the straight lines of your furniture.
  • Create an attractive focal point: A round mirror is a simple and effective method for creating a focal point in a room. Whether you select a mirror with a detailed or a modest frame, the smooth and curved edge creates a unique focal point of your room without overpowering the existing décor.

Tips Regarding a Large Round Mirror

Consider our tips for using a round mirror in your home.

  • Fill an awkward space: A round mirror can soften and fit perfectly within an awkward triangle space or where a ceiling slopes down. Unlike a rectangle or square mirror, the round shape won’t compete with the straight and sharp lines of the space.
  • Use frameless in your bathroom: Frameless mirrors provide a modern and elegant finish to a bathroom. Rather than installing a single sheet of mirror glued to the wall we can provide mirrors on moisture resistant backing and add panels and shapes which adds some character to the room yet won’t become quickly outdated. LED-backlit illuminated mirrors are also ideal for the bathroom as the additional light source is perfect for applying makeup or shaving.
  • Hang a mirror in your entryway: While you may not think of your entryway as a design space, it can set the tone for your home. Your guests will get a pleasant surprise when they walk in and see a large round mirror with a brass frame hanging opposite your home’s entrance. It also gives you the benefit of having a last-minute outfit check before you walk out the door.