Print Decor Birthday 2019

by Print Decor

The Print Decor $500- Subscriber Gift Voucher is about to be drawn...

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Co founder Bernie Lowenstein with young designer daughter Bianca

Each year on our anniversary we draw a subscriber's name to win the annual $500- Subscriber Gift Voucher. The prize is valid for Mirrors, Prints/Art, and Custom Picture Framing and can be redeemed on line or in store.

Please click here to become a subscriber and enter the $500- prize draw.

custom picture framing

Co founder Lynne Lowenstein with daughter Bianca at the framing design bench

It was on the 8/8/88

"I remember the date because it was stamped on the key to our new shop on Glenferrie Rd, Malvern. We were relocating from our upstairs studio gallery to set up shop as picture framers. It was just before the 'recession we had to have' and probably just as well because we probably would not have taken on the venture had we known what was in store.

"That was over 30 years ago, OMG. No mobile phones, no internet, no web site. We did invest in a high tech "cassette" answering machine and had 2 phone lines. Decor and Picture Framing options were pretty simple back then. We actually started in 1985 and the move to the larger premises in 1988 was to accommodate the demands for more up-market picture framing and framed wall art aside from the pictures we were then selling that were glued on to particle board.

I guess being in the Decor industry for such a long span we are on the map with the suppliers and importers of really great products. They often find us and then we pass the product on to our subscribers to first see these new products." Bernie.


Print Decor Framing Discount Voucher

No need to wait for the prize draw. You can take advantage of this discount voucher (the 2nd prize) and pay the balance owing with the $500- prize if you win...too easy!


20% discount off our BUDGET CUSTOM FRAMING range and a 10% discount off the non budget frame selection.

Offer valid for any new custom framing order placed by August 8th.

(Not valid with other offers)

Custom Framing

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The 3rd prize is a treasure hunt for the lowest prices for mirrors. We have combed through our web site and reduced the prices of many mirrors.

Have a look

brass mirror

Print Decor Gallery Showroom, Mirrors, Prints, Art & Custom Picture Framing

Lots or mirrors for sale

Print Decor Gallery is jam packed with hundreds of mirrors and framed art prints

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Ok we should probably go back in the shop and help the customers instead of having our photos taken ...

Hope to see you there or on our web site soon. Lynne, Bernie & Bianca.