Pre Christmas Framing Sale

by Print Decor

Christmas Joy

Relax there's plenty of time...

"Christmas is over 6 weeks away so there's no rush"

If you're like me and leave your shopping to the day before Xmas you might find you are left with an empty picture frame.

Empty Picture Frame


As skilled Custom Picture Framing involves a number of components sometimes from several suppliers, and precious and valuable works deserve due care, we encourage you to bring in your special Custom Framing Projects NOW and receive a pre-Xmas Framing Discount.

This offer applies to Print Decor Subscribers, so click here and subscribe to receive the framing discount.

The offer applies for any NEW custom framing order and is valid until 30 November 2019.


BUDGET FRAMING selection up to 15% discount and 5% discount off Non Budget Framing. What's the difference??? please read on...

Custom Picture Framing as the name suggests is Picture Framing DESIGNED and MADE to specific requirements. There are a number of factors involved in the process starting with a design that works with the picture or item being framed. While plain Black, White and Natural Wood frames are popular and the choices are mind-boggling there has recently been a swing towards "Hollywood Glam" gold frames particularly those not too ornate. Other frame finishes, copper, brass, rose gold, silver and even bright colours all have their place.

Hollywood Glam

Framing Hollywood Glamour style.

One of our Interior Designers selected double gold frames for this glamorous art print. We used UV Art Glass which helps protect the image and reduce glare.

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Then the question of matting-the cardboard surround around the image. Again simple white is most popular but sometimes a highlight mat picks out a colour in the art work and significantly adds to the overall visual impact. Choices and available sizes of the mat can also be a factor. Our framers boast they have the largest hi tech mat cutting machine in Australia, able to cut up to 264 x 152 cm.

"Big Bertha" the largest computerized machine in Australia for cutting the cardboard surround for surrounding the art work. With Lynne and Janina.

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Other factors such as quality of UV protecting glass, acid free conservation materials and due care to responsibly handle precious and valuable works are also factors with Custom Picture Framing.

At Print Decor we have positioned ourselves apart from many other framers in providing picture framing options not easily found that are sometimes required to competently frame something that you want to enjoy for many years to come. That's why we divide our services into two options. Our BUDGET FRAMING selection provides the many frames that a majority of work requires and for this range we offer a special SUBSCRIBER ONLY DISCOUNT. The higher more exclusive framing options are not necessarily cheap but again coming up to Xmas we do offer you our subscribers a 10% discount.

TIS THE -season -

If you are planning a special framed gift to give someone for Xmas or you want to pretty up the home with some framed art or a mirror please make it easier for us by coming in sooner and save up to 25%