Out with the new, in with the old!

by Print Decor

Antique Mirrors

Out with the new, in with the OLD

Gone are the days of exclusive modern simplistic styling. We're seeing a new trend of mixing the old with the new. A simplistic styled home, with vintage decor. An antiqued style mirror is the perfect addition to the home. It helps to give a unique look as a "hero" decor item in itself. Antique style mirrors act as decor items in themselves, with hand finsihed flourish and detail in the frame. They also help to open up your space by reflecting light. Basically, they are the perfect vintage style addition to your home.

Above is the perfect example of mixing a modern farmhouse home with an antique styled mirror. Shop the Germaine Mirror Here


Here our the best selling antique style mirrors! 

Number one is the Hepburn Arched Mirror. This is the mirror that started the trend, and that you have no doubt seen everywhere! It comes in a beautiful gold metal frame, that has unique detailing through the frame, with flourished on the top and bottom. Each of our Hepburn Mirrors are hand finished, making each mirror a one of a kind. The Hepburn Mirror comes in 3 different sizes, so far the tallest leaning size has been the winner, as featured below.

Hepburn Arched Mirror

Followed very closely by the smaller version of the larger Hepburn is the small and medium Hepburn Mirrors. We've seen a come back of over mantel mirrors and, depending on your ceiling height, the small and medium and the perfect addition to sit over your mantepeice, or over any side table, buffet, set of drawers or whereever you want to add a touch of elegance to your space! This mirror is an ode to the french provincial style decor. 

Hpeburn Medium Mirror  Hepburn Smal Mirror

Number 3 of our top best sellers is the Germaine Antique Brass Mirror. With a classic rectangle shape, this mirror combines simplicity and vintage style. Featuring an antique brass metal frame, with an ornate detail on the top. Perfect for a statement entry / hall way piece, for a stand out in a bathroom or in a cozy corner. 

The Germaine Antique Brass Mirror

The next top selling mirror is the curvasious Jemima Bronze Mirror. It features a bronzed metal frame with a unique curvey shape. This mirror combines the wavy mirror tend and the vintage style trend to make a fun and funky mirror. As it is made of metal, it is suitable for the bathroom. 

Jemima Bronze Mirror

The Melba Bronze Mirror is a boutique style mirror with an arched bronze metal frame. Take your bathroom to the next level with the Melba that will tie in with your bronze tapware. 

Melba Bronze Mirror

We could go on forever about the top selling antique mirrors. Featured below is the Domed Over Mantel Rustica MirrorThe Abella MirrorThe Trefoil MirrorThe Marie Claire MirrorThe Pierre Bronze MirrorThe Alexandra Silver Mirror and The Classic Antique Mirror. Believe it or not, we have many more antique style mirror on our website. To see our full range, follow the link below. 


Domed Over Mantel Rustica Mirror    The Abella Mirror

The Trefoil Mirror      The Marie Claire Mirror  

Pierre Bronze Mirror     The Alexandra Silver Mirror

The Classic Antique Mirror

We have Melbourne's widest collection of mirrors to shop from. No matter what you're looking for, we can help find the right mirror for your space. Shop our selection online or come in store to our 2 story showroom at 60 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, Victoria. We look forward to seeing you!