Ornate Frames Add Style to our Contemporary World

by Print Decor

Ornate Frames add style to our contemporary world

Above The Grand Ornate Frame as shown on TV show The Block this Sunday night is a prime example of how an ornate frame can add that extra impact to a room.

Many of our homes are designed with clean simple lines. This gives us the opportunity to select decor items that become a feature and add character to the room.

As the Print Decor Winter Mirror Sale draws to an end (along with the cold weather) we have gone through our floor stock and drastically reduced those mirrors that have served their time as display stock. We have also dropped prices of brand new stock as can be seen on our web site >

Our local Florist wanted to create an impact in his shopping centre store, so he took some of our more ornate frames to offset the simple lines and surfaces of the contemporary environment of the shopping centre.

Not all homes are over-the-top but as you can see below some detailed ornate carving can add character to a room and acknowledge the grandeur of the past.

The Grand Ornate Frame in Silver, is also available in Gold, White and Black as seen further below.

The Princess Gloss White Frame

One of our most over the top ornate frames, the Grand Ornate, available in Silver, Gold, Black and White and available in 10 sizes from 50 x 60 cm (shown as the framed cherub below) to a huge 160 x 220 cm.

Simple framing or something more curvaceous? Not always an easy decision, but sometimes an interesting frame can enhance the the finished look and feel of the framed picture.

The Contessa Frame available in Silver, Gold, Black and White<

The High Gloss Princess Frame available in Black, White and assorted colours.

Just let yourself go with an ornate frame, it couldn't hurt, could it?