New release from Gill Del-Mace - The Tattoo Queen III

by Print Decor

From Picasso to Degas, Renoir and the famous 60's Keeler chair, seated nude studies have secured their place in art history. Today we announce a new release we believe could find its place in the history of art.

Renoir-Nude in a Chair

Degas-Seated Bather Drying Herself

Picasso-Woman in an Armchair

The Keeler Chair

New release from Gill Del-Mace

The Tattoo Queen III

The Tattoo Queen III - Gill Del-Mace

"I like what’s revealed and what’s not. She is beautifully composed and painted...."

People have been asking for this gem to be released as an artist signed limited edition print for years. Painted by Gill as part of her Carnival Side Show exhibition but never released until now. We surveyed our Gill Del-Mace admirers with a number of Gill's unpublished print works and this one came up as the most popular.

Here are some of the answers from our recent survey-

" I could look at her all day. Be taken off to all sorts of places of thought. She’s beautiful and subtle and strong and cheeky. I like what’s revealed and what’s not. She is beautifully composed and painted. Soft and hard. Real and not real however authentic. My eye moves around, lands and off I go. She makes me think of me, as if she knows a little about me that others don’t. The pink in her tattoo. She makes me feel like a novelist bringing out my creative thought." CM

"...not only does it celebrate the female form, it also captures several art forms and styles in one print. The juxtaposition of the modernist and Japanese influenced tattoos with Victorian era feathers in the hair create an exquisite visual." MF

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The Tattoo Queen IV

"... she screams sexy but indifference"

A close second in our recent survey this image inspired some interesting responses.

"I chose Tattoo Queen IV because i love the setting of the Queen’s room, with its Moulin Rouge style, and lush colours with the seductive Tattoo Queen baring her beauty, amazing tattoos and erotic clothing to match the rooms style, a truly gorgeous painting!" SC

"... she screams sexy but indifference. She is a powerful central focus and the background colours offer a velvety elegance. The painting itself leaves you thinking of darkness, an untold story." JF

The Tattoo Queen Quartet

With the release of numbers 3 & 4 we now have available four edgy canivalesque tattooed women. Hang them as a set of four and have a room with real attitude!

The Tattoo Queen

The Tattoo Queen II

The Tattoo Queen III

The Tattoo Queen IV

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