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Having trouble creating the right decor look?

In Home decor advise

The art and decor in our home or work environment to some degree reflects the personalities of the occupants therein.

We know how hard it can be to create an aesthetic feel that's just right for you and your family or your work environment. Trends are constantly changing. Do you need or want to be On Trend or should you be guided by your personal likes.

Where to start. What to pick, Art, Framed Prints, Photography? Or perhaps a Mirror...what style? Modern, Venetian, Ornate, Colour? Size? Round? Rectangle? Tall Leaner?

Too hard!! Not now, if you're local to Malvern...we can come out and see what you are trying to do and answer some of those difficult questions like...

Set of four Growlers by Adam Cullen

How do I choose a "hero" piece that sets the tone for the rest of my home or retail shop or cafe? Should I go with my "gut feeling" or will my "inner feelings" let me down?

How do I workout the right size, how high should a mirror be from the ceiling, how wide over a sofa?

Will the colours work with the room?

How do I group a photo collage?

I have period furniture but love modern art, will that work?

Can I mix styles?

Should I re-frame my old pictures?

Adam Cullen art In Situ

Over it?

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If you're too far away we can still assist you. Take some photos and send them along with your questions and we would be happy to offer our advice.

Fashion Stores

Living room & Bedroom mirrors

Bedroom Leaner Mirror

Modern round brass mirror

Modern round mirror in a period home

Bathroom Mirrors

Errol Mirrors in Bathroom

Round mirror for the bathroom

Bathroom with Mirror and Framed Art Print

Canvas artwork

Canvas art complimenting room decor

Call or email to find out more about our IN HOME consultation service.

If you are not local please feel free to call for help. You can send images of your home and we can still offer some decor advice..