Gill Del-Mace Canvas Prints - Available Now

by Print Decor

Collectible Art Release

The very best art works by Gill Del-Mace now reproduced as signed canvas prints.

Gill has agreed to release her most popular and intriguing art works as signed artist proofs. There are only a few of these prints available and five original works

Del-Mace Gallery at Print Decor

A selection of ten hand signed prints on canvas and five original works. See them on show in our gallery in Malvern Vic. or have a look at them on our website Gill Del-Mace Canvas Print Collection

Above: The Knife Thrower | Canvas Print

The original print edition sold out in a flash, now there's a couple of prints from this edition available printed on canvas and signed by the artist. If you missed out on the original limited edition release, now is your chance to secure this coveted art work.

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The Tattoo Queen | Canvas Print

Defiant, cheeky and "a bit naughty". Could this attitude be a reflection of the artist? Originally painted by Gill in the mid 1980's, well ahead of it's time.

Gill Del-Mace Canvas Collection on Sale here >

There are 11 signed artist prints and five original works.

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