Design Your Perfect Mirror

by Print Decor

Design The Perfect Mirror

Photo credit: Elle Decoration (Pinterest). Shop the mirror look with our Slimline Mirror.

Here's some bathroom inspiration for you. 

The bathroom should a be a sanctuary in the household. A place that you go to be alone, and indulge in some self care. So why not make it the best looking room in the place.

Well, with a custom mirror you can get all the specs to fit right in to make it the perfect space. Whether you have high ceilings, irregular space dimensions, need to match the tap-ware or want a unique shape, we can help you.

Custom Metal Framed Mirrors


The most requested custom made mirror is with a metal frame for the bathroom. It's a relatively new innovation that we are able to custom make shaped metal frames to any size and with the contemporary metallic finish to suit your tap-ware.

In the past we were limited to rectangular frames and very limited colours. We are now able to custom design shaped metal framed mirrors to any size, colour and design. This opens the door to mirror designs that are to your exact requirements.

We have a team of staff who have an eye for detail and can help you to choose the right frame, size and shape for your bathroom.

We've got you covered when it comes choosing the right metal frame colour   

Time and time again, we've had clients come in to find a metal framed mirror that matches their tap-ware and other fixtures in the bathroom. We a pleased to provide this extensive selection of metal frame colours, all able to be custom made. You can even bring in your colour swatches for your bathroom so that we can find the perfect fit. With metal frame colours including gun metal, nickel, brass, copper, matt black, chrome, white and any other finish you may need. See below at just a few samples of our custom mirror metal frame colour range. 


Get the Mid - Century Look

We have the most beautiful selection of Australian designed and manufactured Art Deco Mirrors. Art Deco mirrors were a popular design style dating back to 1920s and 1930s and a hundred year hence are once again in demand. They are a glamorous addition to any home or space, and can add a touch of mid-century elegance to modern decor.


Turning Your Inspiration Into A Reality 

We're here to turn your home inspiration into a reality. You think it, we make it happen. We encourage you to get creative with your home designs. A mirror can be a decor piece in itself when it's designed and created just for you. We have hundreds of frames to choose from, ranging from grand ornate mirrors to modern simple mirrors. We can design mirrors with a bevelled edge or a plain edge. We can even design mirrors with antiqued mirror glass.

So whatever your home design may be, we are here to help you create the perfect mirror for your space. Wherever your artistic design may take you, we can help you to get there. All you have to do is get in touch with us with you ideas and we can get the ball rolling.