Custom Picture Framing Melbourne

by Print Decor

Picture Framing Design

Need some helpful design advice for your next picture framing job?

picture framing design

Per customer survey caring, helpful design advice is as important as a plentiful selection of frames when it comes to your picture framing. Our aim is to help you work out a design that REALLY nails it without necessarily costing a fortune. It is such a joy to see our customers' smile when we present the finished product.

If you need some inspiration on how to design something that will make you say "Yes, Yes, Yes" have a look at our design tips

We are delighted to have 2 new "masters of design" as part of our team, Rob Boyd and Elana Saks.

Elana Saks
Veteran designer and art adviser for 20 years

"Contemporary advice with traditional care and service"

Rob Boyd
Artist/designer, adviser in art and framing design with 30+ years experience.

>Lynne Lowenstein
Owner with 30+ years of experience in art and design

Bianca Lowenstein
Customer service and framing design with 20+ years of Lowenstein experience!

Extensive 20 metre wall of picture framing samples

Raphael Zimmerman
Artist, art adviser, framing designer with over 20 years Print Decor experience.

Bernie Lowenstein
Owner with 30+ years of experience in coffee drinking

Jeremy Lowenstein
Framing quality control and shipping with over 29 years of Lowenstein experience!

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