Conservation Framing and Art Preservation

by Print Decor

Save your precious pictures, artwork and images

What is the single most destructive factor to your artwork and prints?

Compare these two copies of the same image:

Art Preservation Melbourne Art Preservation

What caused the damage?

Hint: It's in this picture*

Rye Backbeach

No it's not the bird, and its not the rock not even the salt water.

If you guessed sunlight, you guessed right.

All light causes irreversible damage to works on paper. Natural light and fluorescent light sources are rich in ultra-violet radiation, the most active and damaging part of the spectrum. Sustained exposure to light can cause paper to become brown and brittle; pigments and inks can fade rapidly. The combined effect of darkened paper and dulled image can alter the appearance of a work beyond recognition.

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* The beautiful sunrise picture above is from one of our photographic artists,  Nick Psomiadis.

Museum Glass

The best solution we can offer is from our selection of UV blocking glass or perspex. Where normal glass filters approximately 30% of the damaging UV light we can provide relatively inexpensive UV blocking glass or perspex rated at approx 60% UV filtration and on up to 99% filtration for more valuable works.

Due to recent product developments and demand, UV glass and perspex (plexi glass) have not only dropped considerably in price, but the clarity of the image is spectacular. We can now frame a picture or indeed fabric or even an object set well back from the glass and not compromise the appearance, and there is an option of complete glare control to further enhance clarity.

Other damaging factors to your artworks and images

Preservation and care of valuable and cherished art, photos, and other cherished keepsakes can be overlooked resulting in permanent damage. As picture framers we sometimes discover a valuable piece of work that is being destroyed by the framing materials.

Image courtesy of Art Reproductions Co.

Damaging factors include acidity level in the framing products, mould and dirt. Fortunately we have one of the most respected art conservators in Melbourne restoring customers' art works and we have access to the highest quality conservation materials.

It is clear to see the damage to this work. The rectangular shadow marks are signs of glues used to adhere the paper to the backing. The circular marks have appeared because the paper was pressed directly to the picture framing glass and as temperature changes occurred pools of moisture formed and this caused mould to develop in the paper.

Custom Picture Framing

Conservation framing would include acid free backing and conservation mat boards and acid free hinging tapes. The glass would be raised at least 2 to 5 mm above the artwork creating an air pocket which would prevent the water condensation and resultant mould.

Restoration and cleaning of oil paintings

Before Restoration After Restoration

The above oil painting required cleaning using benign cleaning materials and conservation grade artist oil paint and varnish to retouch the image and protect it. Our customer was delighted with the professional restoration work.

Care factor

When a customer brings in a valuable or cherished work of art or keepsake our first concern is the preservation and long term protection of the work. We are fortunate to have one of Melbourne's most experienced art conservators available to appraise your works and provide an obligation free quote to restore your work.

A vital factor in framing conservation is the professional standards set by the framers in their attitude and pride in undertaking the task. We are happy to work with responsible, caring picture framers using the latest precision equipment.

Framing conservation begins at the design table. When you bring something in for framing the designer needs to be knowledgeable enough to recognise the value and condition of the work. At this point the framing designer can advise on needed conservation work and suggest appropriate materials, such us UV blocking glass and acid free framing materials.

Melbourne Picture Framing Services

We are more than happy to provide an obligation free quote for art restoration and conservation framing. For a nominal fee we can collect your larger art works so our conservation team can provide a quote. E mail Print Decor or call 03 9576 1566 for advice.