Brilliant New Work from Australian Artist John Olsen

by Print Decor

New limited edition prints by Australia's most loved living artist

and they're selling out of control...

“What joy there is in hearing yourself think, and to make that thinking into ink.”

John Olsen

Australia's most loved living Australian artist has released a series of nature prints that have proven to be extremely popular.

With a limited release of just 50 prints numbered and signed by the artist these prints are a gift.

Such a small edition of 50 prints will sell out overnight, just like the Spring Frogs...

"The most important thing that everyone should bring to the dining experience is a certain generosity of spirit. Just remember that there are two kinds of people: lovers and others. And you know what you can do with the others."

“Australia’s greatest living painter” Olsen commented, "That's a terrible burden. If only it helped you paint better pictures, but it doesn’t. People expect you to print a Rembrandt masterpiece every day, which is nonsense; no one can do that. Right now, I’m painting a raw prawn. It’s such fun; I love its interrogating feelers. I’m not going to be Rembrandt today."

Above: Olsen with artist Gill Del-Mace and publisher David Sears

White Rhino John Olsen Edition of 50

Size 75 x 77 cm $2200-

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John Olsen Monkey

Monkey I John Olsen Edition of 50

Size 76 x 57 cm $2200-

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Monkey II John Olsen Edition of 50

Size 76 x 57 cm $2200-

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Frogs and Banana Leaf John Olsen

Size 63.5 x 81.5 cm $2200-

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Giraffes and Balloon

Giraffe and Balloons II



We have a special subscriber offer framed in a white frame and single acid free mat for $399- making total cost for framed print $2599-

As framers we can offer many framing choices including natural Tasmanian Oak and an elegant champagne silver/gold frame and protective UV glass.

Your chance to own a hand signed Limited Edition print from the loveable John Olsen, call us on 03 9576 1566 or email now and we'll reserve an Olsen for you, Artistic regards, Lynne Bernie Elana & Rob @ Print Decor