A Personnel Message

by Bernie Lowenstein

We believe a business is as good as the staff who run it.

In these times of retail staff shortages we feel we have the right team

Lauren with Charles Blackman print

All this beauty

We feel very fortunate to work in an industry surrounded by beauty. Our product is one of happy customers who have enhanced their living or working environment with art, wall mirrors or their own art works beautifully custom framed.

Above we have the "Energizer Battery" of Print Decor, Shop Manager Lauren. Lauren is passionate about art and as you can see, was delighted when we procured a one off signed Charles Blackman print.

An enthusiastic artist in her own right, including a Diploma in Visual Art and Graduate certificate of Cultural Heritage and Museums Studies, she loves helping customers find the right art and the most beautiful custom framing design or the perfect mirror for their home or commercial space. She delights in designing custom framing for your art works and helps us decide what art prints should be on our website and in our gallery. It is refreshing to have a relatively young viewpoint of what we should offer in our gallery and custom framing department. Lauren also oversees the production of our custom framing and customer orders. Did I mention her endless amounts of energy?

Meet the Parents

The owners of Print Decor, Lynne and Bernie Lowenstein (that's me).


One day when we were "youngsters" around 1985 a friend of ours suggested we sell his art prints. Having virtually no capital to invest, we took to the streets hawking our wares to retail staff in shops. Fortunately back then there were very few "no hawking" signs on the shop front doors.

Our first business investment was the purchase of a trolley, as framed prints get heavy when you walk the shopping strips all day. These days we are delighted to have passionate employees, our son and daughter, and Lauren, Elana, Kate, Kit and recently started Konstantina - I am as yet to take a picture of her.

With a background in arts including music, Lynne continues her passionate pursuit of sourcing beautiful prints and art as well as affordable mirrors. She continues to play a vital role in managing the Print Decor team and has her fan club of customers, who admire her aesthetic choices in art and in custom picture framing design. Pictured here with one of her favourite art prints by Adam Cullen.

Bernie the other co-founder of Print Decor. That's me. I work in seclusion most days managing our website and promotion. I also help with customer service issues, and as a trained picture framer I help resolve some of the technical challenges with picture framing, including huge framed mirrors. Often on Saturday when I am not at the local cafe, I can be found having fun and with our customers and re-arranging our gallery showroom.

Meet the Kids

A family run business. Jeremy & Bianca of the Lowenstein clan.


"Jezza" is our Website and Shipping Manager. As Print Decor has expanded, particularly with our on-line orders Australia wide, Jeremy has developed computerised admin systems that help us remain in control. He has educated himself extensively in computer technology and aside from Shipping he is our IT guru. I think we would still be using carbon paper and a Rolodex if it wasn't for Jeremy. And if you don't know what carbon paper and Rolodex are, you're probably closer in age to Jeremy than to yours truly.

Bianca Lowenstein-Nott is another of the "Lowenstein" clan. Lynne, Lauren and Bianca are the prime decision makers when it comes to selecting new art prints and indeed new products such as mirrors for our business. She excels in Framing Design, Art Print Sales and is a Social Media Maven. She also has an uncanny business sense, and has recently graduated from an extensive business management course. She was born with an astute business mind and has helped guide the business development since she was 2 years old!


Kate. The style queen of Print Decor. With a professional background in the Art of Dressage, her passion for artistic perfection shines through in her uncanny ability to design custom picture framing and can be seen when she "magically" finds the perfect art piece or designer mirror for our customers' home. Her "assistant" Hugo, shown sidling up to Adam Cullen's Growler print, is a statement of style in the canine world :)

Elana Saks Framing Design, Sales and the "Golden Voice" who calls our customers to ensure they were happy with our service. Elana has worked in the art and framing industry for around 30 plus years and is very well known in our local Malvern area. She has an arts background as a prima ballerina and ran a successful ballet school for many years. Elana is also known for her conservation framing knowledge and unique framing designs, with many clients working with her for many years. So many times a customer would walk into our shop and say, "Elana !! You taught my daughter ballet" or Elana "Did we not go to the same school?"

And to the right is Kit. The most personable framing designer on earth. There's little in the world of art and design that Kit does not know, with an educational background hailing from Cambridge University, Kit graduated with certificates in Architecture, Design and Art, so you can be certain you are in well informed hands.

Limited Edition Print Lucrezia Borgia by Gill Del-Mace

This is not our newest staff member Konstantina, but as I didn't have her picture yet I've saved the space with a print of Lucrezia Borgia by Gill Del-Mace.

Konstantina has a background in art including a Master's Degree in the arts sector and a diploma in the area of Business Insight. Her friendly attitude and organised mind is proving to be of great assistance to the day to day running of Print Decor, and she is an invaluable companion to Lauren assisting in keeping the place organised. Stay tuned for a real picture soon.

Well somehow we survived a most challenging time. The Print Decor staff soldiered on during the covid era, and despite ongoing supply issues and other challenges, we are determined to remain steadfast and delight in helping you create beauty in your environment.
We thank our kind and thoughtful customers who went out of their way to support small local businesses such as ours. We hope to continue delivering our products of Art, Framing and Mirrors well into the future and we wonder, who'll be next to join our team?

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