Jan Neil is a Melbourne based career artist who has been evolving since garduating her fine art study in 1975


Jan's artistic inspiration comes from the natural environment, as well as her urban surroundings in Fitzroy, particularly street art and graffiti. Her new toolbox consists of photography, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and digital printing. All of the images on this website are available as limited edition prints - signed and numbered, with a choice of printing on paper or stretched canvas to the size you desire.

Jan is our most prolific artist and never stops creating. No sooner would she be telling us about a new concept and within a week or 2 a new suite of beautiful images will arrive at our gallery.

As there are so many works we have divided them into the below subcategories.


Modern Nature / Contemporary Impressionism >>>

Urban Scenes and Icons >>>

Abstract / Colour Riot >>>