JAN NEIL Urban Scenes & Icons

Urban Scenes & Icons a series of hand signed Limited Edition Prints



Jan is our most prolific artist.

The below selection can be printed on paper or canvas to your required size. We have printed them on ultra high gloss paper and even on perspex and metal, they really POP like that.

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Jan's works are available as prints on paper or as pre stretched canvas (ready to hang). They can be purchased by e mail or calling us on 03 9576 1566. All her printed works are available in almost any size. You can see the prices by going to our shopping cart which has a small selection to buy directly on line. The prices are uniform for all her works you just need to call or email to place an order. 


Melbourne Street art, urban scenes and icons, Jan Neil


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"Initially I was not interested in making prints of my paintings. I guess I felt that it devalued the paintings in some way. Over the last 10 – 15 years the art market has changed considerably. People today do not want to be excluded by price from having art pieces of their choice when decorating. 
Consequently the Giclee Print has come into it own. It is the preferred way for artists, galleries and publishers to make reproductions and prints. 
The technology behind this revolution is based on the power of computers combined with advances in printing techniques. Extremely fine droplets of ink can be spurted onto heavy water-colour paper or artist’s canvas. These droplets can be controlled by the computer so that the resolution of the printed image is much finer than conventional printing. With 1800 dots per inch,there is no visible dot pattern, allowing the image to be of full strength in colour.
The materials used in my Giclee Prints are of archival quality, the inks are light fast and a life of 85 to 90 years is predicted indoors without any noticeable fading.


Once I started to reproduce paintings, I learned the value of computers and was excited to extend my range of prints to Digital Images, produced solely by using the computer often in conjunction with the camera.
I use both Photoshop and Illustrator to combine photographs of buildings, surfaces, graffiti and sometimes paintings. Many a night working on the computer I look out my window to see the dawn, so engrossed I am in what I am doing.
Very quickly, as this technical stuff can be boring. I often put a photo into Illustrator, do a “live trace”, (reduces image to a black line of pattern) Then the play starts. Combining this image with additional images, then working in “layers” in photo-shop. Arriving at the final image is a slow process, images must be proofed and re-proofed. Then enlarged to ensure the image can cope with size enlargement.
I love “colour” that’s an understatement. It doesn’t always have to be bright, just appeal to my sensibility. Secondly, I love texture, the more the better, providing image holds together.
So with colours and textures everywhere I’m a happy individual, constantly thinking of the next adventures into imagery." Jan Neil


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