Get The Block Look 2023

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We have been a proud supplier of The Block TV Show since 2013! 

It all began one humble Saturday, when Alissa & Lyssandra came into our store looking for an artwork for their living space. They also came with a full camera crew and we got mic'd up! They immediately fell in love with Magenta Growler by Adam Cullen, the rest is really history. We've been The Block's biggest mirror supplier ever since. And have supplied them with some feature artworks over the years. 

Our debut on The Block Sky High 2013 in Alissa & Lyssandra's living room, with the Magenta Growler. 

The Block 2023

Fast forward 10 years and here we are, still featuring our products on the show in 2023. Our relationship with The Block hasn't changed, but the home styling certainly has. Here's what trends and styles have been prevalent.

This year on The Block! TV Show, we're seeing a lot of curved shapes and A-Symmetrical mirrors. There are a lot of organic shapes and earthy tones throughout the decor and styling. We've seen some of our artworks and mirrors popping up this year, with a lot of neutral tones and textured paintings.

We've been lucky enough to feature some of our products on The Block TV Show! As well as having many mirrors and artwork work that suit the theme of this years Block TV Show. Get The Block look with our featured products below. 


Matisse Gold Framed Print

Matisse Gold Framed Print

Our Matisse Gold Framed Print was featured in Kyle and Leslie's Guest Bathroom. This French style, retro lithograph art ties in perfectly with the curved shapes we're seeing this season.

The Matisse Nude Set

It also comes as part of a set! Shop Blue Matisse and Orange Matisse Here.

Go Neutral with The Tranquil Coastline Olive Framed Canvas

Tranquil Coastline Framed Canvas Print

As featured in Steph and Gian's Studio Space. This framed canvas print ties in neutral colours, with a touch of olive green. It adds some texture and a natural earthy feel to the space, without being too overbearing.

The Panelled Mirror

Panelled Leaner Mirror

We've seen this mirror appear throughout the seasons on The Block TV Show, and for good reason!

This year it was featured in Lea and Ash's Work From Home Space. They used it in the 90 x 135 cm size in the grey tint. This was the perfect addition to create a stand out piece in their space.

Curvaceous Mirrors

We can't stop seeing these organic shaped mirrors. AKA Blob Mirrors, A-Symmetrical Mirrors, Curved Mirrors and Pebble Mirrors. Let's just say they fit right in with the shapely and curvaceous theme of the season. We have a few mirrors that fit the bill. See below for our shaped mirrors featured in and inspired by The Block this year. 

The Pebble Riverstone Mirror    Errol Curved Rectangle

Rockpool Mirror      Organic Shaped Oak Wood Mirror

Aura Shell Mirror   Bjorn Oval Mirror

Jemima Mirror  Bjorn Arched Mirror All Options

Keeping Up With The Natural Theme

As you can probably see, there's an organic, natural theme throughout the decor we are seeing. A lot of neutral tones, textured pieces, nature inspired photography and curvaceous artwork, See below for more artwork inspired by this season of The Block.

Formation Black 2 Framed Canvas   Formation Natural 2 Framed Canvas

Dove Underwater Print  Liquid Framed Print \

Emerse Framed Print   Splice Framed Print

Poolside Backgammon

We're excited to see what else is to come this season. So far, we are LOVING it, and also being able to supply the contestants with mirrors and art to style their homes. To shop the full range of our Block products. Follow the link below. 

Get The Block Look 2023