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New Scandinavian designed fabric art ready to hang







 “FRUTTI is a design that I hold very close to my heart with its bold colours and thriving shapes. The design is joyful, which is what my work is all about.” - Louise Videlyck





We are pleased to introduce a beautiful selection of Scandinavian designed fabric art ready to be hung on your wall.

These beautiful art works are authentic and unique fabric wall art. They enhance the warmth, look and feel of any room. All our Scandinavian designs are individually selected and each art piece is handmade in Melbourne. >>>






GRAFFITI, a montage of photos of the Berlin Wall

by Swedish designer Matilda Olsson.

The cushions are also available.








AQUALOTIC by Louise Videlyck, "symbolizing love for colour"

Scandinavian designed fabric art ready to be hung on your wall.



The beautiful works are available in selected sizes up to 183 x 122 cm ideal to cover a large space with the natural warmth only a fabric can give. Unlike framed paper prints these natural fabrics require no glass which means the work even though very large is only a fraction of the weight of a glazed print. There is another advantage to hanging a large piece in a big room. Acoustics are improved. Hanging a large fabric art helps reduce the hollow echo sound so apparent in today's large open spaced rooms. As a further step the art work can have high performance acoustic insulation fitted, which reduces noise and improves the soundproofing of your space. See the full seletion >>>






"The design LADIES is inspired by how people like to be seen, and how we express ourselves. Here I am and I like you to see me. Strong colors express life force -

Grey is in the grave!" - Cecilia Bertling




Below is a close up showing the weave of the thick high quality Swedish fabric 








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