Lydia Ben-Natan

Lydia Ben-Natan is in our opinion a gentle spiritual soul who manages to manifest pure beauty in her art works.






We feel extremely privileged to have her art works available for sale in our gallery.

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Born 1970, Lydia settled in Melbourne in 2001 with her husband and three daughters, having lived in New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East for many years.
Lydia has spent the best part of her life experimenting with every medium and subject matter before discovering her passion lies with in-ward found landscapes.
Her works reflect that passion as they are large-scale raw, expressive representations that capture the essence of the land and leave you wanting to be there. Her use of vibrant colours, dripping paint and textural effects combined with a progressive method define Lydia’s signature style.

Artist’s Statement.

I do not plan a painting, but let the painting guide me. I begin by randomly applying paint to the canvas and within minutes the beginnings of a landscape appear to me (like figures in marble) and from there, I develop it further. It doesn’t always turn out how I first envisaged but I’ve learnt to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Painting in this way, really permits me freedom of expression while simultaneously challenging me to explore and improve.
I liken the process of creating a painting to that of an emotional rollercoaster, a rollercoaster that I’m quite happy to continue riding."

Lydia Ben-Natan







Behind the Tree Line

91 x 91 cm $1800










Blossom Kissed

20 x 20 cm $185










Bush Tango

59 x 61 cm $650






Clould Nine

137 x 122 cm $3500








Forest Whisper

20 x 20 cm $185








Fossils Blue

20 x 20 cm $185







Secret Words in Spanish

 61 x 61 cm $650










Sunlight Kisses

 20 x 20 cm $185










Turkish Delight

122 x 122 cm $3200












91 x 91 cm $1800











Violet Rush

91 x 91 cm $1800



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See Lydia's art works, click here >>>