Ornate Framed Mirror Vs Minimalist Mirror: The Mirror Dichotomy

by Print Decor

If a dichotomy is defined as "a division or contrast between two things that are opposed or entirely different" well then we have found the perfect dichotomy in framed mirrors...

The Minimalist

Unquestionably our most popular framed mirrors of recent times are almost without frame. However it is the clean uncomplicated line of the almost frameless mirror that raise it above a simple sheet of mirror glass glued on the wall and create a "dressed up" look without being overdressed.


The new Slimline Mirror has arrived

The slimline mirror has been very much in demand. We have now expanded the choices with a larger sized frame while maintaining the sleek modern slimline look.

The mirror is exposed as the frame "floats" not touching the polished edged mirror. The face of the frame is 10 mm wide and the mirror is about 1 mm away from the face of the frame. The side of the frame is 44 mm deep.

Available in black and white frame finish, and we can now make this mirror to your customized size requirements.

See some of the sizes which are on sale at the moment >>>

Tinted Round Mirrors just Released

The extremely popular Modern Circular Mirror is now available with tinted mirror glass

Round mirrors have been in high demand and we are pleased to stock any we can source. You can see the current range here >>>


The dichotomy continues…

At the other side of the dichotomy pendulum

is the Ornate Frame.


Many of today's homes enjoy the contemporary feel of clean simplistic lines and surfaces but adding an ornate frame to a mirror or framed picture can create character and intrigue in a space.


You can see our extensive selection of ornate frames here >>>

 Ornate frames with a modern impression (such as ornate black or white) are another option that brings the style of the past into the modern times.

Big Ornate Framed Mirrors with a small price tag

A new shipment of large mirrors with a wide 14 cm frame

Limited stocks ON SALE


Available in 2 sizes approx 210 x 120 cm and 130 x 105 cm to outside of frame with a big wide frame which is 14 cm wide

See details >>>



We have just attended a recent industry buying fair and have beautiful new mirrors and images arriving everyday...

As there are just so many frames that will fit in our well stocked show room, we need to create some space. Many of our mirrors and framed images are currently on sale, and if you subscribe to our mailing list you qualify for a 10 - 20% discount off custom framing.

Hope to see you soon,

Regards, Lynne and Bernie @ Print Decor.




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