Is Adam Cullen's GROWLER about to retire?

by Print Decor

Old Dog new tricks


We have been told from a somewhat reliable source that our beloved limited edition print GROWLER is about to be retired.

rowler in Magenta       Growler in Blue

Growler enjoyed celebrity when he was featured on TV show THE BLOCK Sky High in 2013. Since that time many of the limited edition prints sold leaving only a handful of signed prints remaining.

Green Growler        Orange Growler

We are fortunate to stock a selection of rare Adam Cullen signed prints. Have a look!

Steve Harts Horse

Opium - Adam Cullen

Adam Cullen's work featured in The Block Sky High winner's Alisa & Lysandra's apartment in 2013.  

Print Decor - The Block interior

Adam Cullen - Artist. Print Decor.

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