Colour Riot by Melbourne Artist Jan Neil

by Print Decor

Jan Neil - Featured Artist at Print Decor



An exhibition of Landscapes and Contemporary art works by Jan Neil.

Print decor - Jan Neil



A new collection of works by Melbourne's Jan Neil. See how she has embraced modern technology to evolve new modern forms. Signed limited edition giclee prints on canvas and paper, original works and some surprising new innovations in art meeting modern technology.

Please come and see the full range in our Gallery.

Corroded Surface Purple Green


Colour Passage


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Urban Colours

"I often put a photo into Illustrator, do a “live trace”, (reduces image a black line of pattern). Then the play starts. Combining this image with additional images, then working in “layers” in photo-shop. Arriving at the final image is a slow process, images must be proofed and re-proofed. Then enlarged to ensure the image can cope with size enlargement.

I love “colour” - that’s an understatement. It doesn’t always have to be bright, just appeal to my sensibility. Secondly, I love texture, the more the better, providing image holds together..

So with colours and textures everywhere I’m a happy individual, constantly thinking of the next adventures into imagery. "

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