A Bricks and Mortar Shop

by Print Decor

In this day and age, and with a well-established brand, why have a 'bricks and mortar' shop?

Print Decor run a very successful retail business, selling limited edition prints, local artists artwork, mirrors and picture framing - all in an effort to make your home or business look its very best. Or better.

To this end, one could ask, why not sell solely online. Is there really a need for a physical shop that people can come and visit?

We are lucky enough to be able to reach people through our online store, and certainly, people are prepared to purchase items online and have them delivered.

Others, however, while they may discover Print Decor online, or through other more traditional methods, will want to see the items in person.

What do they really look like, feel like, how will they look in person in three dimensions? These are questions that you can only imagine when viewing an item online.

For my mind, there will never be a time when these questions can be answered online - at least not in my lifetime.

Our shop in Malvern strives to provide an environment where people can take their time to look at everything that we have available for sale, take the time to speak to one of our decor consultants to get advice or an opinion about what will look good.

While coming into a store that has only one physical location in Melbourne may be a bit difficult for many people (we are selling to the whole of Australia), and so for those people, online is an excellent alternative - all of our products are available for sale, and shipping is fast and inexpensive, and you can always return an item.

Print Decor is also available for a quick chat for advice by email, phone, or social media and love talking to our customers in any way possible.

But if you want the hands-on experience, come on into our Malvern store!